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The Glennie School Prospectus | All She Can Be


The Glennie Difference

For a school with a sensible

balance between learning,

sport and the arts, Glennie is

the best choice.

A high percentage of women

who have become leaders in

their field were educated at

girls’ schools. Glennie girls have

excelled in many professions

and careers from political, the

Arts, Science, international sport,

business and technology. We

have established a leading role in

Australia with a strong reputation

in Pastoral Care, Languages,

Cultural Programs, Information

Technology and Sport.


Your daughter’s natural compassion,

empathy and leadership qualities

are nurtured throughout her

education at Glennie, with a

Chaplain, Counsellor, Careers

Officer and Heads of House

dedicated to provide support,

guidance and pastoral care.

Our school-based Chaplain

guides the girls in practising

the Anglican ethos: tolerance

and understanding of all faiths

and cultures, self-discipline,

compassion, and a commitment to

the service of others. The principles

of faith, hope, love and forgiveness

are constantly reinforced and

practised in daily life.

Your daughter’s inspiration to

help others can be reinforced

through her involvement in

Glennie’s Community Service

initiatives. The girls often have

special days set aside to provide

awareness and support for a

number of charities, community

service and other worthwhile

projects. Involvement in these

activities provides an ideal

opportunity for the girls to use

their creativity and talent to make

a difference in communities at

home and overseas.