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The Glennie School Prospectus | All She Can Be


For a school where all staff care

about and support your daughter,

Glennie is the best choice.

Your daughter’s second family

is the boarding community. It is

lively, inclusive, supportive and

cohesive, strengthened by caring

for each other and complemented

by exceptional Glennie people

who are always available.

Glennie boarders have access to

complimentary academic tutoring

and support. A well-appointed

recreation room in Brown

House offers an opportunity for

playful interaction and building

meaningful relationships.

High-quality enrichment activities

are scheduled throughout the

term for the girls to enjoy after

school and on weekends.

Each boarder in Year 6 to 11

has her own modern roomette

which is a flexible and cosy place

that ensures her privacy. The

boarding house configuration

of roomettes, spacious common

rooms and kitchens continue to

encourage social interaction and

development of relationships.

Year 12 boarders have their

own semi-independent living

space with their own well

equipped room in a dedicated

building complemented by

shared lounge spaces, amenities

and kitchenettes.

Glennie girls’ opinions are valued

and their suggestions; from food

quality to other boarder events

at weekends are taken seriously.

Older boarders are able to work

in part-time jobs.

Our Health Centre is staffed by

Registered Nurses 24-hours and

supported by the School’s Doctor.