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Junior Years

Glennie Junior Years has a structured sports program for girls in Years K to 6. The school offers extra sporting activities for girls and Glennie family members in addition to those currently on offer during the school day. All girls from Prep to Year 6 learn to swim at the Glennie Aquatic Centre as part of the curriculum.

Years K to 3

Our youngest girls learn the vital skills of balance, co-ordination and concentration in the Motor Skills Program. This prepares them for the challenge of learning the skills required to begin playing team sports at Glennie.

Years 4 and 5

jy-sportGirls play touch, netball, athletics and tee-ball in an inter-school competition. Girls gain maximum exposure to team games whilst heightening their skill development and game tactics. This opportunity prepares the girls for the Year 6 interschool team sport competition.

Year 6

The Junior Years sports program is an afternoon interschool competition for Year 6 girls giving them the opportunity to:

  • Learn and practise new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Learn appropriate behaviour (i.e. sportsmanship)
  • Learn about commitment
  • Learn about co-operation and teamwork
  • Build competence and confidence

Year 6 girls are encouraged to participate in trials for representative team sports. They can represent the School in touch, tennis, cricket, softball, netball, hockey, AFL, and soccer.

Andrews Cup Sport

Glennie is a member of the Queensland Girls Primary Independent Schools Sports Association which allows us to compete in eight sports throughout the year involving girls from Years 2 to 7. Andrews Cup sports include: swimming, tennis, touch, netball, athletics, softball, cross country and gymnastics.

Zone Interschool Sport

Glennie girls participate in the Toowoomba Primary School West Zone Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals. Exceptional achievements in these carnivals, qualify students to participate in Darling Downs regional sports and state level representation.