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equestThe Glennie Equestrian Team allows girls to compete in the main Equestrian Australia (EA) recognized disciplines – Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Showman, Combined Training and Showing. Team members represent Glennie both as individuals and as part of the school team in a number of Interschool Queensland (IQ) events throughout the year in order to qualify for both the Interschool State, and if qualified, the National Championships.

As part of the commitment to the team, there are a number of competitions–depending on which disciplines they choose–that all girls should attend. The most important of these is the Darling Downs Championships, generally held around the end of First Term. It is expected that all girls who are part of the Glennie Equestrian Team will demonstrate high levels of team spirit, sportsmanship and respect for both the sport and the organizers of the various competitions. Poor behaviour toward people, competitors or horses is not tolerated.

The Glennie Equestrian team, like any team or individual likes to achieve, but if our members can improve their skills, build a team spirit and have some fun, then the aims of the team have been met.

We look forward to welcoming new girls and parents to the team.

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To find out more about Equestrian at Glennie, read the Equestrian Handbook

Parents are welcome to join the Glennie Equestrian Supporters Team (GEST) a sub-committee of the Glennie P & F Association . . . Read More

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