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To make a Glennie education available to as many girls as possible, we offer a number of scholarships, in different categories, providing part remission for tuition fees.  In some cases, part remission for boarding fees may also be provided.

Glennie scholarships are generally offered to girls entering Years 7 and 10 and are based on the results achieved in testing.  Scholarships are offered for three or four years and, following a successful review of progress, are continued until the end of Year 12.  Students may apply for more than one category however, only one scholarship will be awarded per girl.

All scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Principal and are subject to an annual review.


Scholarship applications open in January each year for the following year. Online applications can be made via our website in January, until applications close in mid-February.


Scholarship tests are held at The Glennie School in March each year for entry into Year 7 and 10 the following year. The scholarship test is administered by The Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) and supervised by Glennie teachers on test day. The Glennie School does not publish or share examination results with applicants.

The Glennie School does not provide nor endorse any service provider offering practice exams for the Acer scholarship tests.

Scholarship Categories

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded based upon academic reports and the results of the scholarship test.


Sports/Performance scholarships are based on all-round ability (a combination of academic, sporting and or cultural talents) with applicants taking the scholarship test and providing supporting evidence of other abilities to assist their application.

ICPA Scholarships

Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (ICPA) scholarships are available to the daughter of a current financial member of the ICPA. The applicant is also required to sit the scholarship test. 

GOGA Scholarships

The Glennie Old Girls’ Association (GOGA) scholarship applicants are required to show a previous family connection with the School. For example, the applicant’s mother or grandmother was a past student. The applicant is also required to sit the scholarship test. 


The Helene Orton performing arts scholarships are based on musical ability, results and financial need. Students are not required to sit the scholarship test, however, may be asked to demonstrate their musical ability by audition and by providing supporting documentation of their achievements. Not all girls will be successful in gaining an audition. Documentation certifying the family’s financial circumstances will be required with the application. This information is treated in confidence.


Chaplaincy scholarships are awarded to one practising Anglican student per year in any grade.  These require a written reference from the Parish Priest and may be for up to 50% of tuition and boarding.

Financial Need

Financial need scholarships are available to students who, because of financial circumstances would otherwise be unable to attend The Glennie School. Students sit the scholarship test and will be assessed on academic performance and general ability. Documentation certifying the family’s financial circumstances will be required following the results of the scholarship testing. This information is treated in confidence.

For information

The Registrar
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