Year 10 Work Experience and Get Real

4 March 2016

A few weeks ago, information about work experience and ‘Be Real, Get SET’ was sent to all Year 10 parents via their Glennie email accounts. A key feature of work experience is the requirement of students to negotiate their own placements. As there are other schools involved in work experience at the same time, it is important that Glennie girls get their placements sorted as soon as possible. (Note - French Immersions students will be in France during the formal work experience week).

Please check your Glennie email account as a matter of urgency for details about work experience and ‘Be Real, Get SET’.

Mrs Alison Bird
Careers Co-ordinator

Please note: If you haven’t activated your email account, please contact the IT Department who will assist you with the process.

There are tutorials about forwarding your Glennie emails to your personal email address on our Youtube channel and on the Help site on the Portal.



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Exam Timetables

4 March 2016

Exam timetables for girls in Years 10 to 12 commence on 14 March. Using your parent email address, you can access the Glennie online calendar. Click on the date to find your copy of the timetable.

If you haven’t activated your email account, please contact the IT Department who will assist you with the process.

There are tutorials about using Glennie Calendars on our Youtube channel and on the Help site on the Portal.

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Careers Update

4 March 2016

A reminder that the Glennie Careers and VET website now has a ‘button’ on the Portal so that you can reach it directly. This is a ‘one stop shop’ for all questions related to Careers and VET and you are encouraged to browse it. Girls have been asked to use the website in the first instance. If they can’t find what they want they should contact Mrs Bird or Mrs Paul.

Group messages will be posted to the site regarding activities and important information rather than using email so it’s important that girls look at the website on a regular basis. There are links to many outside sites such as QCAA, QTAC, universities, TAFE, private RTOs, the Good University Guide, scholarships and many others. There is also a calendar of events covering Glennie, tertiary institutions, TAFE and scholarship dates etc.  You can choose to be sent this information by registering your email address through the website.  

MHS Careers newsletter 
Glennie subscribes to the MHS Careers newsletter which is full of careers information. If you wish to read this newsletter, please email MHS on, tell them that you are a Glennie parent/student and ask for the password.

As from Term 2 there will be a new Careers Advisor at Glennie. I have worked at Glennie for 17 years and have been in this role for eight years. I’m now going to pursue a life away from Glennie. As another cohort of Glennie Year 12 girls begin an exciting stage of their lives I will be doing the same – only at the other end of the working cycle!  

I will miss the wonderful girls; they have been a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to the future.  I will still, of course, be available until the end of term.

Mrs Alison Bird
Careers Co-ordinator


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Early to School – Middle & Senior Years Day Girls

26 February 2016

Day girls who arrive at school well before the commencement of the school day are required to go to the Dining Hall until 8:00am (or until the commencement of their before-school supervised activity). Although some teaching and non-teaching staff are at school between 6:00am and 8:00am, the supervision of students does not begin until 20 minutes before the official start of the day, at 8:20am. If parents need to drop their daughter/s early to school, the Dining Hall is well-staffed and resourced. There are a number of tables and chairs to do homework and study; it has lovely bathroom facilities and super-fast internet connectivity. In the winter time it will also be lovely and warm. Girls should not be waiting in classrooms, corridors, locker rooms or outside buildings or facilities without a supervising staff member between 6:00am and 8:00am. Your assistance with this matter will enable the school to fulfil its duty of care.

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Get unstuck, finish study faster, make 2016 your best year with YourTutor.

26 February 2016

Everyone gets stuck during study, especially when studying alone after-hours or on weekends, whether working on an assignment draft or a maths problem.

Learning can happen anywhere, anytime. We know families have busy afternoon schedules. YourTutor is a resource supplied by Glennie to provide online resources that are practical for learning.

YourTutor has been the trusted name across Australia in schools and governments for over ten years. YourTutor is one-to-one, anonymous, online study help from an expert – right when you need it, from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, Sunday to Friday.

Glennie girls in Year 7 to 12 can access YourTutor at

Girls will receive an activation code from their teachers. They then need to use this activation code to create a FREE 2016 account. Once activated, students can log in whenever they have a question.

Click here to see a short youtube clip.

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Webber Dinner

19 February 2016

All Middle and Senior Years Webber girls have received a printed copy of the Webber Dinner invitation. Please either return the RSVP slip or email Mrs Cathy Waters - Head of Webber House - with your RSVP details. (

It would be lovely to have the entire bunch of Webber families at this fun, social event.

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Vaccination consents are due

12 February 2016

Parents of Year 7 and 8 girls are reminded that the immunisation consent forms are due back to the Health Centre by 25 February. Please return these whether or not you consent to the vaccines.

If you need another vaccination form, please contact Mrs Patrick in the Academic Administration Office. or 07 4688 8887.

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Year Level Parent Information Evening

5 February 2016

75 parents attended the two Years 7 to 12 Parent Information Sessions on Thursday, 28 January. Staff presenters spoke to topics such as key calendar events for the respective year levels, navigating the portal calendar, staff contact points, managing absentees, locker rooms, IT equipment, and Parent Teacher Interviews. Heads of Department and Curriculum Co-ordinators circulated through the classrooms during the course of the evening in order to introduce themselves to parents and outline any changes to the curriculum program for 2016. Although the sessions were not able to be held in the new Science Centre, lights were left on during the course of the evening to allow parents to view the new facility.

If you were unable to attend the evening but would like to access the presentation slides, you may do so via the Glennie calendar. All PowerPoint presentations have been attached to the Years 7 - 12 Parent Information Evening Session calendar item, located on Thursday 28 January.

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University Showcase

5 February 2016

Glennie will be hosting the University Showcase on Wednesday 10 February during the school day.  

This event is compulsory for girls in Years 11 and 12 and voluntary for Year 10 girls.  Parents are invited to attend but are asked to contact Mrs Bird in order to ensure seating.

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Are you interested in photography, writing or making movies?

29 January 2016

Middle Years girls are invited to consider joining the Glennie Media Group during their lunch break on Tuesdays. Last year was the first year for the group with the majority of girls being boarders. Some wonderful projects were completed. All Middle Years girls are most welcome to come along to meetings.  

The group discusses various activities and events held throughout the year and explores the opportunities to capture these moments and convey they to the Glennie Community.  No experience is necessary; just a keen attitude and willingness to participate.   

Email Mrs Tilden and Mrs Kessels if you are interested.

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Carols celebration

20 November 2015

The Glennie Middle and Senior Years will celebrate Advent and Christmas with an evening of readings and carols to be held at The Empire Theatre on Wednesday, 25 November, at 7.00pm. The Glennie choirs will sing some special choral items and the Concert Band will accompany the congregational carols.

No tickets are needed, and there is no charge, but a retiring collection will be taken in support of Anglicare’s Aged Care home, Symes Thorpe.

You, your families and friends are most welcome to join us for this special celebration.

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A Timely Warning

20 November 2015

This time of the year sees numerous parties being held. The Police Powers and Responsibilities Act (PPRA) has specific legislation for Police to manage out of control events.

It is important for parents and children to be aware of their responsibilities if they are going to be hosting or organising a party.

Section 53BB prescribes an out of control event as: a gathering of at least 12 people, with at least 3 engaging in out of control conduct (section 53BB(1)(a) and (b) of the PPRA).

Out of control conduct includes things like trespassing, damaging property, disorderly conduct, fighting, doing obscene acts, making unreasonable noise, throwing objects to harm people, obstructing traffic, being drunk in a public place, minors consuming or possessing alcohol in a public place or breaking glass (section 53BC of the PPRA).

The out of control conduct must also cause, or be likely to cause, someone at or near the event to feel fearful of violence (to person or property) or substantially interfere with people’s right to enjoy a public place (section 53BB(1) of the PPRA).

This means if you are hosting a party and there are more than 12 persons in attendance, and three or more of those persons engage in any of the out of control conducts above, which cause, or is likely to cause someone at or near the event to feel fearful of violence (to person or property) or substantially interfere with people’s right to enjoy a public place, then your event falls under the definition of an out of control event and police can seek to utilise their out of control event powers.

Along with this legislation, new offences were also introduced.

A person who organises (i.e. anyone who is substantially involved in arranging, hosting, managing, advertising or promoting the event) an event that becomes an out of control event commits an offence (section 53BH(1) of the PPRA). However, if the person organising the event is a child, and the parent gave the child permission to organise the event, the parent of the child is instead liable for the offence (section 53BH(2) of the PPRA).

There is a defence under section 53BH of the PPRA if the person can prove that they took reasonable steps to prevent the event becoming an out of control event (eg. having appropriate parental supervision or crowd control, responsibly supervising the supply and consumption of alcohol including BYO, having arrangements in place to appropriately disperse event guests after the event, ending the event as soon as possible after persons who are not invited to the event (gate crashers) enter the place where the event is being held and not inappropriately promoting the event on social media).

It is important to note that if you are hosting a party, simply saying “it is BYO therefore I am not responsible for the alcohol consumption” is not acceptable.  You, as the host, still have a responsibility to supervise the consumption of the alcohol, even if the event guests have brought their own alcohol.

It is also expected that you have arrangements in place for event guests to be dispersed after the event finishes. Simply letting them walk off from the event, leaves you open to being subject of this legislation if they then engage in out of control conduct.

The defence is there if you have made the appropriate arrangements, and the event guests simply don’t follow these arrangements.

There are further offences for gate crashers (section 53BI(1) of the PPRA) and persons in attendance who do not comply with police directions (section 53BJ of the PPRA).

For those found guilty of any of the above offences, there are new provisions under the PPRA for the court to order costs related to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) response to an out of control event (sections 53BH to 53BI or section 53BJ of the PPRA). Where the offender is a child who does not have the capacity to pay these costs, the parent may be called on to pay (section 53BM of the PPRA).

If you are planning to host a party or event, then before you send out invitations and begin inviting people, perhaps attend your local Police Station and speak to officers who can provide you with assistance specific to your event.

Chris Brameld
Senior Constable 11486
Highfields Police Beat
Ph: 07 4615 5309

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Year 10 Parents

6 November 2015

On Friday, 20 November, while the Year 10 girls are enjoying their Kookaburra Queen cruise in Brisbane, the Year 10 parents are organising a get-together. Why should the girls have all the fun?

If you are a Year 10 parent and would like to join us on Friday, 20 November from 4.30pm at the City Golf Club (254 South St), RSVP any of the lovely ladies listed below:

Tarn McLean   

Belinda Markey

Sarah Parkinson

The Club needs numbers so a special area can be reserved for us so please email as soon as possible. Bookings for dinner can be made on the night or just come along for as long as you like for a drink and chat!

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End of year arrangements for Year 12

30 October 2015

Information about the last week of school for Year 12 is now available in the Academic / General Information document librarie on the Portal. Year 12 students have also received a hard copy.

The arrangements sheet is an attempt to collate information about all activities during that final week. If you have any concerns regarding specific events, please contact the organisers directly. For more general queries, please contact Mrs Tracey Patrick via her email:

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23 October 2015

There has been a power cable recall for a large range of Acer computers which may include those issued with Glennie Notebook Computers. Acer Australia and e-Computing have arranged for replacement cables for Glennie. We are expecting the replacement cables to arrive next week.

Please follow the link to read the article explaining the recall. If your daughter’s notebook cable has LS-15 written on it as per the picture in the article, it should be replaced. Please ask your daughter to bring her power cord to the IT Department to swap it with a new one.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the IT Department.

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PD (Personal Development) DAY

16 October 2015

Whilst many schools might have Monday, 19 October as a pupil free day, at Glennie there is a full program of activities for all Year 7 to 12 students to participate in:

  • Year 12 students will use the day preparing for their end of year assessment
  • Year 11 students participate in the second day of their Leadership Conference
  • Year 10 girls have a session discussing body image and friendship issues presented by Enlighten Education
  • Brett Lee returns to present a session to Year 7 and Year 9 on Cybersafety and Cyberbullying;
  • YLead presents the Year 8 session titled "Leadershift"' and
  • Year 7 girls will be involved in two other personal development sessions which are felt important to their physical, emotional and social growth. 

All of the sessions have been designed and presented by highly qualified, specialists in their field.
Girls are able to wear their sports uniform on the day. This is an excellent day, with presentations provided by experts in their field. The feedback is always very positive from the girls. Therefore, it is an expectation that all girls will attend as part of their usual school program. Should your daughter be unwell on the day, please notify the School as usual.

The following links will take you to the details of your daughter's program (Years 7 - 10).

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

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Webber Dinner

9 October 2015

Webber families in Years 7 to 12 are reminded that the Webber Dinner will be held on Friday 16 October. Please RSVP to Cathy Waters by Monday October 12.

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Vocational Training

9 October 2015

If your daughter is in Year 10 and looking at undertaking vocational training during Year 11 and 12, there are two ways she can do this -  either by undertaking a school-based traineeship or apprenticeship (training and employment) OR by undertaking a course (just the training component).

Both options will provide her with a nationally recognised qualification. She will be awarded QCE points (from 2 to 8 points depending on the course), and depending on the course, have a guaranteed ranking on completion, which may help her get into university. Girls are able to do this along with their normal school studies. NOW is the time for her to start her planning if she wants to begin her training at the start of Year 11.

If you would like any further information or help please contact me.

Mrs Belinda Paul
VET Co-ordinator

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Year 12 Parent Invitations

9 October 2015

Year 12 parents are invited to attend lunch on Monday, 12  October at Fitzy's on Church from 12:30pm and/or Friday, 13 November at Kingfishers Cafe Restaurant, 333 Spring Street, Kearney Springs at 9:00am for Breakfast/ Morning tea, then gather at the Glennie Pool to watch the girls "Pool Jump" after their last exam.

RSVP:  to Year 12 mum, Michelle Seallars,

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Interim Reports Available

17 September 2015

Middle and Senior Years Interim Reports will be made available Friday afternoon. To access your daughter's report, click on the Daymap Connect link on the Middle and Senior Years Portal page. If you have any issues you can contact IT Support.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

17 September 2015

Our booking system, Parent Teacher Online (PTO), will be open to parents from Friday 4 September 2015 for Years 7 to 9 Semester 2 Electives on:Tuesday 6 October 2015 from 1.30pm to 3.00pm

A list of subjects and teachers is attached below. Once parents have logged into the Portal, no further logins or passwords are needed to access the PTO. Please go to the Portal homepage and click on the PTO icon.

If parents who have booked interviews on the 6 October and are unable to attend on the day they are asked to notify the School by phoning Reception 07 4688 8888 or by contacting Mrs Tracey Patrick on 074688 8887 or email

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17 September 2015

TAFE Short Courses for 2015

Are you interested in undertaking a Short Course at TAFE? Please see the attached Flyer for courses being offered. Download the information below.

Are you interested in becoming a Police Officer?

You can undertake a Certificate IV in Social Justice that will prepare you for the Police Academy. Please see the website for details.

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Training Course

11 September 2015

The Airline Academy is hosting a course on Pre-Employment and Flight Attendant preparation training in the second week of the September school holidays.

This five day course costs $220.00 per day. The course facilitator, Alison Twemlow, is an experienced Flight Attendant training manager with over 20 years experience.

This is a brilliant course for those students wanting to prepare for University or a job interview, and of course it supports those students set on becoming a professional customer service officer / flight attendant.

Numbers are limited! Classes are kept deliberately small with just 10 to 15 places available.

Download the information below.

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Feeling Creative

11 September 2015

For girl interested in working in the Creative Industries, such as photography, make up, and visual arts, The Australian institute of Creative Design is holding both an Open Day and a Try a Career Day very soon.

See the attached brochures if you would like further information.

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Subject Selection

4 September 2015

It was lovely to see so many girls and parents at the information night for Middle Years Subject Selection on Monday. If you were unable to join us for the session, it was recorded and is now available on the Glennie Youtube channel. 

Next week the subject selection process for the Middle Years begins. Information regarding subject and offerings are available from the 2016 Middle Years Subject Information Book

From Tuesday, 1 September, forms will be available via the Subject Selection Button on the Portal:

  • Year 9 Subject Selection Form 2016
  • Year 8 Language Choice From 2016

All Forms are due back by Monday, 7 September in hard copy form to Tutor Teachers, faxed or can be scanned and emailed back to  

Year 8 into 9 2016

On Tuesday, 1 September, in Period 4, the Year 8s will have an Information Session outlining the Subject Selection process for 2016.

Girls will receive their Subject Selection form for parent discussion and signing as the initial stage of the process.

Year 7 into 8 2016

Girls will receive their Language Choice Forms on Tuesday, 1 September, for parent discussion and signing. Girls will be required to nominate their Language (French or Japanese) subject or register their interest for the French Immersion Program.

Students considering the French Immersion Program will be required to submit a written application form as well since only one class will be offered in 2016.

French or Japanese language studies are compulsory until the end of Year 9 (unless students are part of the Language Skills/LANP program). The French Immersion program continues to the end of Year 10.

Please direct any enquiries about subject selection to   

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