Operation Christmas Child

1 September 2017

Webber House has launched Operation Christmas Child and we are aiming to fill 150 shoe boxes with gifts for children who normally miss out on Christmas.

As part of their fundraising, Webber will hold a Christmas themed free dress day on Wednesday 11 October.

For all the information, download the flyer

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Middle and Senior Years Grandparents’ Day

1 September 2017

It is that time of year when we ask Glennie parents and girls to consider inviting their grandparents to join us for Grandparents’ Day on Thursday 14 September 2017.

We have prepared a special program so grandparents can make the most of their day at Glennie and experience the Glennie spirit, just as their granddaughters do.

For catering purposes, we ask you to RSVP by Friday, 8 September by completing the online form.  Email Mrs Tracey Kessels kesselst@glennie.qld.edu.au or call her on 07 4688 8769 to advise of any special dietary or mobility needs.

We look forward to meeting grandparents on the day.


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NDIS for School Leavers

1 September 2017

School leavers with a disability may be able to access the NDIS to assist their transition to life beyond school.

Download the flyer to see information sessions and assistance available in Toowoomba.

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Year 9 Subject Selections for Year 10, 2018

18 August 2017

Last week, the girls in Year 9 attended subject selection talks to help them make their Elective subject selections for Year 10 next year.  In Year 10 our students will study Core courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Modern History, Geography, Health and PE, and RE.  Advice will be provided by Maths staff on which Mathematics course is most suitable for each student.  The subject selections to be made relate chiefly to single-term, Elective subjects which will run during Terms 1, 2 and 3 in Year 10.  We regard these options as “tasters” – the girls are encouraged to sample a variety of elective options in areas that interest them.  This is to help inform the decisions they make at this time next year when they will select subjects for Years 11 and 12. It is important to bear in mind, when making subject selection decisions this year, that these “taster” Elective units are not regarded as pre-requisites for continuing with these subjects in Years 11 and 12.

Most parents of our Year 9 students will by now, be aware that this cohort will be the first group in Queensland to go into the new “ATAR” system for tertiary entrance - this system will replace our current OP system.  The details of this system are still being released, so at this stage, we aren’t able to provide a full overview of how we will proceed at Glennie, but we expect to be able to provide more detailed advice in the near future.  We are able to say, though, that we will be implementing the new system commencing in Term 4 next year.  This is a pattern which many Queensland schools will follow.  In the meantime, parents may wish to check the Year 10 Subject Handbook for further details as their daughters finalise their subject selections.  The booklet is available in the Student Handbook on Portal.

Mr John Farmer
Deputy Head of Senior Years

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Defensive Driving

18 August 2017

Years 11 and 12 are reminded that applications for the defensive driving course should be returned to Middle and Senior Years administration office by Monday, 21 August.

Click here for more details

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Holiday Adventure for girls Year 7 to 12

18 August 2017

Adventure Alternatives has designed a fun-filled and engaging School Holiday Camp for students in Years 7 to 11.

What makes this camp unique is the selection of adventure based activities coupled with some relaxing activities to recharge and create a holistic and rewarding camp.  With 24hr supervision, a full selection of adventurous activities, fresh and healthy menu, engaging instructors who are there to support your child, it will be a holiday your kids will thank you for.

Want to know more? CLICK HERE

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Student Exchange

18 August 2017

Do you want to learn another language, make friends from overseas and have the experience of a lifetime? Find out more about complementing your high school studies with a student exchange program by attending WEP’s Toowoomba info session on Monday 21 August at 7:00pm at The Cedar Centre, 57 Brook Street

Don’t forget to invite your friends, WEP offers a Bestie Discount! RSVP at WEP.ORG.AU or text “TOOWOOMBA” to 0428 246 633.

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Defensive Driving

11 August 2017

Years 11 and 12 students, who have the minimum of a learner’s permit, have the opportunity to participate in a defensive driving course run by Safe Drive Training Australia at Willowbank via Ipswich on Saturday, 9 September. As many Senior students now have either their learner’s or provisional licence, this is a great opportunity for them to improve their skills on the road. Preference will be given to our current Year 12 students but Year 11 students are strongly encouraged to apply. All completed applications should be returned to Middle and Senior Years administration office by Monday, 21 August.

The course runs all day at Willowbank with manual and automatic cars supplied for participants. The program’s objectives focus specifically on overconfidence, risk-taking, inexperience and peer influence. Students will receive a certificate of participation for their resumé.

The cost of the course will be heavily subsidised by the Parents and Friends’ Association (often reduced to around half price in past years) but a final cost for each student attending this year will not be known until we receive completed applications and can confirm final numbers.

An enrolment form, permission slip and extra information can be found on the School Portal calendar - Saturday 9 September. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Natalie Bennett PH: 07 4688 8830 Email: bennettn@glennie.qld.edu.au

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4 August 2017

This term, Glennie’s School Doctor, Sian Ford and the Health Centre nurses will be offering the Meningococcal ACWY vaccine to our Year 11 and 12 boarders - parents should have already received the email.

Year 10 girls were recently given this vaccine by the OzCare Toowoomba team. Until 31 May 2018 this vaccine is available free for all Queensland young people aged 15 to 19 years from their general practitioner.

Please see this message from Queensland Health for more information. FAQ acwy-program.pdf

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A new policy for Smart Devices

28 July 2017

This week in Middle & Senior Years we launched our New Student Smart Device Policy. I invite you to read the policy for your information.

It is important that parents and students understand we are neither requiring nor desiring students to have a second device with them. However, we recognise that many do. Therefore, want to provide the option for this technology to be of benefit within the student's learning as well.

Further, the School will allow students to connect their device to the network to eliminate data costs being incurred by families. The rollout of this network is currently underway.

The use of devices in breach of the policy will continue to be treated as a behavioural matter.

Parents must continue contacting their daughters through existing administrative channels as this is still the guaranteed way of getting important messages to students.

Consequently, students are also required to re-submit the annual Responsible Use Agreement, due to the changes enacted. You can view the detail of that agreement via the link.

If you have any technical questions please contact IT. it@glennie.qld.edu.au

If you have general or policy related questions, please contact Mr Causer. causert@glennie.qld.edu.au

Mr Tim Causer
e-Learning Co-ordinator

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Youth Leaders Program

21 July 2017

Is your daughter interested in making a difference to the community, developing her leadership skills and influencing Council decision making processes? Applications are now open for Toowoomba Regional Council’s Youth Leaders Program 2017. Successful candidates will receive training, develop leadership skills and create their own program or event. To apply or for more information click here, or phone 131 872.

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OP Estimate Interviews

14 July 2017

OP estimate interviews will be held with all OP eligible students in Years 11 and 12 at the start of this term. Interviews with Year 12 students will begin next week and will involve targeted advice as to how students can improve their estimates in the final semester of school. Interviews with Year 11 students will focus on individual learning goals and overall academic progress, as well as identifying students who may need an additional post-secondary school pathway. OP Estimate data is also invaluable in assisting students with making informed decisions about subject changes, and provides additional motivation for students to keep improving in their studies.

Please be aware that the estimates are not a predicted OP, merely a guide to the likely range, based on assessment completed to date. Parents who are concerned about these interviews or would prefer the interviews not to occur with their daughter should contact Ms Tonia Gloudemans via email at gloudemanst@glennie.qld.edu.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Head of Senior Years

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Subject Selections for girls currently in Year 9 and Year 10

14 July 2017

Parents and girls currently in Year 10 are invited to an information evening on Thursday 20 July at 5:30pm in the Glennie Room to hear about the Senior Queensland Certificate of Education and subject selection for Years 11 and 12. Please note this is not suitable for the current Year 9 girls as they will be the first group to go through the new ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) system. A separate information session will be run for Year 9 girls at a later date.

Girls in both Years 9 and 10 will also be attending subject selection talks during the school day in the coming weeks. Subject Selection Handbooks will be made available at this time, and girls and their parents are strongly encouraged to consider the information provided when making subject choices for 2018. Girls will also have the opportunity to attend Spectrum, our subject showcase run by the senior Academic Committee. Girls can hear from others currently studying the subject. Students are welcome to speak to teachers about subjects they are considering as well.

We look forward to seeing you at the information session and working with you and your daughter as she decides on her pathway through the senior years.

Mr John Farmer
Deputy Head of Senior Years

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25 May 2017

Parents of Year 10 girls are reminded that their Meningococcal ACWY vaccination forms should be returned as soon as possible.

For details about the vaccination read the Queensland Health Fact Sheet.

For more information, contact health@glennie.qld.edu.au


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Calling Tufnell Families!

12 May 2017

Tufnell Dinner for all Middle and Senior Years girls and their families are invited to the Tufnell Dinner on Friday, 19 May at 6:00pm. Hurry, hurry, RVSPs close on Monday, 15 May.

Download a copy of the invitation below for all the details.

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Middle and Senior Years Parent Teacher Interviews

29 March 2017

Years 7 to 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews will be conducted on Tuesday 18 April 2017 from 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Please feel free to book a timeslot with as many of your daughter’s teachers as you wish whether the teacher has requested an interview or not. If your daughter has the same teacher for two or more subjects, a maximum of two timeslots are able to be booked.

Our booking system, Parent Teacher On-Line (PTO), will be open to parents from Friday 24 March to midnight Thursday 13 April 2017.

For all the information and instructions you need, go to the Glennie Portal and click on the PTO icon.

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Middle and Senior Years Easter Services

29 March 2017

The Glennie Easter Services for girls in Middle and Senior Years will now take place on Wednesday, 19 April at St Luke’s Church. Formal uniform must be worn.

Please check the online calendar for details.

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Middle and Senior Years Staffing Changes

24 March 2017

As we move towards the end of Term 1, it is important to identify the teachers taking up Middle and Senior Years leadership positions as a result of staff taking long service leave. Please be aware of the following appointments.

Acting positions for Term 2:

  • Deputy Head of Senior Years – Ms Alison Bedford
  • Head of Arts – Mr Jason Wisley

Acting Positions for Terms 2 & 3:

  • Head of Department – Senior Years Science – Miss Amy Theobald
  • Head of Department – Middle Years Science – Mrs Jennifer McPhie

Acting Position for Term 3

  • Head of Webber House – Mrs Kaye Broadfoot

Acting Position for Term 4:

  • Head of Department – Middle Years Social Sciences – Miss Leanne Mitchell 

Acting position for the remainder of 2017 (Terms 2 – 4):

  • Head of Department – Health and Physical Education – Mrs Susan Watts

Thank you, in advance, for your support of these staff in the months ahead.

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Job Opportunities for girls aged 16 and over

17 March 2017

We currently have two traineeships available for our senior girls. Both would be a fabulous opportunity to learn new skills, develop real work experience and of course complete a Certificate III qualification which will award 8 QCE points and a selection rank on completion. Girls, I look forward to receiving your applications.  

Graphic design / marketing / digital media  

If you have lots of creative flair and are interested in producing marketing material to help promote Glennie, then we have a job for you!

  • Working within the School's Marketing Department, you will learn about the design process from concept to finished product and all the bits in between. 
  • You will need to be motivated and prepared to work on projects from start to finish with our guidance and your effort.
  • The work is varied, fun and creative but it is important that you must be prepared to work within the School's guidelines surrounding the Glennie brand.
  • This opportunity is a real-life situation, with real clients, real deadlines and real expectations. Forget that you are at Glennie and work like you are in a design studio.
  • At the end, you should have a portfolio of work that could increase your chance of gaining employment in the design or media industry.

If successful you will undertake a Certificate III in Screen and Media, and work for The Glennie School. Please send your resume to me (paulb@glennie.qld.edu.au), and in your email outline why you are the best person for this job.

Cert III in Business in the Careers and VET department

Ms Currie and myself have decided to put on a school-based trainee to help us both out with our ever-increasing responsibilities in the Careers and VET department. Now normally, we would both say that we are happy to give advice or feedback on your application letters and resume, but this time, we obviously can't do that. So, we will detail exactly what we are looking for here.

  • We want you to send us BOTH an email detailing why you are the perfect person for this position.
  • Your attached resume needs to be current, presented fabulously and grab our attention within 5 seconds of opening.
  • This job will require you to work one day each school week, and potentially some other days as well to ensure you meet the minimum days required of your traineeship (375 hours per year). We are flexible on days but ideally a Tuesday or Wednesday each week. Or alternative days each week 1 and 2. We may even give you work hours to complete some jobs externally to our office. 
  • You will complete a Certificate III in Business, and you will be given SOME training time during your work day to complete this, otherwise you will need to do your training work in your own time. 
  • Qualities we are looking for are:
    *Professional and confidential.
    *Organised and good time management skills
    *Clever IT skills - we may need you to train us in some IT matters, and we are keen for you to develop some new IT procedures to help us make our jobs easier.
    *Friendly and positive

If you think you are the right person for this role, then we are very keen to hear from you soon. We will hold interviews before the end of term, with a plan to start someone in Term 2. Please keep in mind that while we would like to give every interested person a job, we only have one position. We will choose that person based on how well each applicant attends to the criteria of this role.

Parents - if you would like further information on either of these roles or about traineeships generally, please contact me on paulb@glennie.qld.edu.au or 07 4688 8793. Thank you.

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All Rounder Award

10 March 2017

All Rounder awards are awarded at Speech Day each year. I have been asked by some girls what the criterion is for this award. To ensure that this is transparent for the girls, the following information has been added to the Student Handbook, in the Academic Awards - Middle Years Criteria and Senior Years Criteria. I hope this clarifies eligibility for the girls.

For the Middle Years: An all rounder award is presented to one girl in each of the Year 7, 8 and 9 cohorts. To be considered, girls must achieve a B or higher grade in most subjects, participate in two Glennie sports and two Glennie cultural activities and demonstrate good citizenship.

For the Senior Years: An all rounder award is presented to one girl in each of the Year 10, 11 and 12 cohorts. To be considered, Year 10 and 11 girls must achieve a B or higher grade in most subjects, participate in two Glennie sports and two Glennie cultural activities and demonstrate good citizenship. Girls in Year 12 must achieve an HA or higher in all subjects, participate in two Glennie sports and two Glennie cultural activities and demonstrate good citizenship.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Head of Middle Years

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Middle and Senior Years Cross Country

10 March 2017

Next Thursday on 16 March we will run our annual Interhouse Cross Country Carnival at Kearneys Spring. The first race is at 9:30 am with the day finishing at around 2:00 pm.

Middle and Senior Years girls are reminded that our Glennie Sports Supporters will be running a sausage sizzle at $2.00 a sausage, as well as Snow Cones at $2.50. No drinks will be for sale, so please ensure that your girls bring a water bottle with them.

For information about the cross country check the online calendar.

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International Women's Day

3 March 2017

Next Wednesday, 8 March, is International Women's Day. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is BE BOLD FOR CHANGE!

The day reflects on how far women have come in the past 150 years but also looks to the future. It seeks to empower women to do more for equality and opportunities. Remember, women CAN DO ANYTHING!

Mrs Cohen, the Student Welfare Committee, and the Performing Arts Centre are hosting a picnic for Middle and Senior Years girls under the trees at the PAC on Wednesday. Speakers will include Mrs Cohen and a student. Our performing artists will provide the entertainment. It will be a wonderful celebration of being a young woman in the 21st Century.

Girls are asked to bring a blanket and their lunch and join in the fun.

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Early Starts

10 February 2017

We understand that at times, girls in the Middle and Senior Years will arrive prior to 8:00am. Girls are encouraged to use the new Flexible Learning space, located on the western end of the Dining Room, if they arrive early. Girls must use the Northern door (closest to Hospitality) to enter this space as boarders will be finishing breakfast.

This is a comfortable space, with good wifi access and is supervised by boarding staff.

A reminder that The School library is open from 8:00am if your daughter wishes to use this facility.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Head of Middle Years

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Creative Dragons

10 February 2017

Fuel your daughter’s imagination while improving her writing skills with Creative Dragons after school creative writing classes at Toowoomba and Highfields in 2017.

Classes will be held at the Highfields State School library on Tuesday afternoons and at the Toowoomba City Library building (Level 3) on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

The Master Dragons class (Years 7-11) at 4:30pm helps high school students study the craft of writing at an advanced level while also setting and achieving tangible goals to transform their imaginative drafts into professional manuscripts.

Classes are run by published author and Queensland Writers Centre presenter Cherie Curtis (aka Cheryse Durrant).

Classes have started, but it is not too late to register email Mrs Curtis via bookings@creativedragons.com.au, telephone 4696 7355 or go to www.creativedragons.com.au

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3 February 2017

Year 7 parents: Consent forms for immunisation have been sent home with your daughter. Please complete and return to Glennie as soon as possible. Direct any queries to the Health Centre health@glennie.qld.edu.au Ph 07 4688 8809.

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