Wombat Stew

30 October 2015

Wombat Stew - is a family newsletter from the The Children's Book Council of Australia, Queensland Branch.  It contains book reviews, news and interviews with authors and illustrators.

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Introduction Day Years 7 to 12

23 October 2015

On Monday 26 October, our Year 6 girls will be attending the Middle and Senior Years  introduction day. The Year Six teachers will escort them to this event.

Some girls will be participating in the Andrews Cup softball.

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Junior Years Christmas Carols

23 October 2015

A reminder that this year, we will be holding two Junior Years Christmas carols services at St Luke’s Church, Herries Street on Sunday 22 November. The Years K to 2 service will be held from 3:30pm to approximately 4:15pm. The Years 3 to 6 service will be held from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. Parents with girls in both Year levels may choose which service to attend.

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Teach your Kids to Fail

23 October 2015

Another worthwhile article from Michael Grose's, Parenting Ideas website.

So much parent energy and time is spent helping our kids be successful that we forget to encourage our kids to fail. It’s counter-intuitive! But failing is part of the learning process. Just watch an infant learning to walk and you’ll see that for every step forward there are countless stumbles. He fails more than he succeeds. Anything worthwhile learning usually involves many failed attempts to get it right.

There’s a low tolerance for mistakes. Kids learn many things through trial and error including how to walk, how to feed, and how to dress themselves. Then when they’re older children learn how to form friendships, how to read and how to master many skills through trial and error. The difference is that adults tend to be less tolerant of mistakes as children get older. Parents become impatient. Schools assess performance. Kids compare themselves against the progress of their peers.

Develop a positive approach toward failure. Kids take their initial cues from their parents about how they should interact in the world so your attitude to mistakes, both big and small, will have a huge impact on their attitude to failure. How would you feel if your young child sets the table with knives and forks upside down? Would you correct them straight away or would you acknowledge their best effort and next time you remind them how to do it properly?

If you want your child to take learning risks then I suggest you take the latter approach. He most likely got it wrong due to lack of skill. He’ll only get the skill he needs if he has confidence to learn. Keep his confidence up by thanking him for his contribution to the family. Patience, like faith, is a virtue if you want your child learn.

Teaching kids to fail is counter-intuitive but it’s important if you want to them to embrace all the wonderful opportunities that world offers, rather than restrict themselves to safe options where success is assured.

Want to learn more about how failure can make your child successful? I’ll reveal how you can transform failure into success and many more magic confidence-building strategies in my ground-breaking Cracking the Confidence Code online course next year. It’s part of the Parentingideas Club 2016 Education Program.

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Prep to Year 1 Swimming Carnival

23 October 2015

A swimming carnival for girls in Prep and Year 1 will be held on Thursday, 12 November from 8:30am until 10:30am. Parents are most welcome to come to the Aquatic Centre that morning. Further details can be obtained from Miss Potter or class teachers.

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Healthy Choices

16 October 2015

Junior Years Tuckshop is pleased to promote their Term 4 healthy tuckshop options. Next time you order a special tuckshop lunch for your daughter, you could include a fruit cup, salad cup or salad bowl.

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Competition Results

16 October 2015

The Junior Years girls have competed in National Maths and English competitions recently with some great results. The girls who earned Distinctions and Credits will receive a certificate in Assembly.

Congratulations, girls.  What a great effort!


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Parenting Ideas

9 October 2015

To read the latest Parenting Ideas newsletter from parenting guru Michael Grose, click here 

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Early Drop Off

8 October 2015

For the sake of safety, please ensure that your daughter is not at Junior Years before 8:10 in the mornings unless she is here for training or rehearsals. There is a teacher on duty from 8:10am onwards.

Pitstop is available before and after school. Please speak with our Co-ordinator, Mrs Lynne Henare, about financial rebates. You may be very surprised just how little it costs to have your daughter safely looked after!

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Kindergarten interviews

15 September 2015

I have had a few parents asking if current Kindergarten girls are required to attend an interview with me before entering Glennie Prep. This is not required from current families.

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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Sydney Canberra Trip

15 September 2015

The Year 6 Sydney/Canberra trip will be upon us before we know it. Final arrangements are now in place. If Year 6 parents have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr Warren.

Girls not attending will come to school as normal and Mr Broom will be teaching them that week.

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Year 6 Canberra trip

11 September 2015

Thank you to all of the parents who attended the Canberra Trip meeting this week. Would parents please make sure that all medical and dietary forms are completed and returned before the girls leave for the holidays. Any outstanding payments must also be completed as soon as possible as the school needs to pay all accounts prior to the tour. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Please email Mr Warren if you still have any questions about this trip. 

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Final Assembly

11 September 2015

Junior Years will be holding their final assembly on Thursday at 2:30pm in the Assembly Hall. Parents are welcome to join us. Some girls will receive their merit awards for their work this term at this assembly.

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Happy Hat Day

11 September 2015

\Parents with children aged from 0 to 5 are invited to come and join the Glennie Playgroup for 'Happy Hat Day' Thursday 17 September, at Pitstop from 9:00am to 11:00am. Happy Hat Day is part of Playgroup Queensland's National Dress up week.

Join us to make your own hat, free face painting and a picnic. Please bring a plate of food to share for morning tea.

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Lost property

11 September 2015

Has your Junior Years daughter misplaced uniform items this term? If so, please check the lost property area. There are many uniform items in the sick room area - unfortunately, many are without names.

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Parenting Ideas

10 September 2015

The latest Parentingideas Magazine is available for you to read throught this link.  It is full of wonderful ideas and articles from the experts.

Exploring the new frontier in parenting – emotions

Michael Grose gives five ideas to help you explore emotions - the new frontier of parenting - and help kids to manage their feelings.

Online flaming

So what is online flaming? Catherine Gerhardt gives practical tips for parents to recognise the signs and how to respond should your child be affected.

Hurry sickness

When every hour is rush hour – ‘hurry sickness’ and its impact on families.

Helping our kids to learn better

How effectively we learn depends on a number of factors. Dr. Jenny Brockis highlights 8 ways parents can help our kids be ready and effective learners.

Take off the shoes

Maggie Dent looks at how allowing children endless opportunities to walk and run barefoot, and move freely in our world, will also create healthy brains which can function at more optimum levels.

Letter by letter – G

Girls, Guilt and Grit – our quick tips parenting guide has these topics covered.

Rites of passage

The teenage years can offer challenges for boys and fathers as they struggle to connect. Malcolm Dix reflects on the importance of a Rite of Passage experience with his teenage son and how it offered an opportunity for strengthening their bond now and into the future.

No body’s perfect!

Sharon Witt looks at how we can help our girls develop a positive body image.

Parentingideas Magazine.

Here’s to building strong parent-school partnerships.


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Personal Development evening

8 September 2015

A reminder that the Personal Development sessions will take place on Wednesday this week, 9 September, in the 4 Bryce classroom, on the lower level, next to the Aert Room.  There are three sessions, for different age groups, at the following times:  

  • Years 3 - 6  - 4.00pm to 5.00pm
  • Years 4 - 6  -  5.10pm to 6.10pm
  • Years 4 - 6 -  6.20pm - 7.20pm  (second session)

Please see attachment for further details.


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Vacation Care

4 September 2015

Once again, Pitstop is pleased to offer a wonderful program to keep your children entertained over the holidays. All primary aged children are welcome to attend: not just Glennie students. Please get your bookings in promptly to avoid disappointment.

To see the full range of events, download the Spring Vacation Care Program. To book, download the booking form below.

If you have any questions, contact Pitstop Co-ordinator, Mrs Lynne Henare, on 0418 882 415.


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Where in the World is Wanda?

4 September 2015

In September, follow the clues at the Cobb & Co Museum for a globe-trotting adventure through world celebrations. This program is for children aged 3 to 12 years and costs only $6.50 per child.  

Visit the Cobb & Co Museum website for more details.  


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Fathers' Day Breakfast - Wednesday, 2 September

1 September 2015

Fathers' Day Breakfast

This is just a reminder that our Fathers' Day Breakfast will take place Wednesday morning - 2nd September, 2015, from 7.00am, in the Junior Years Courtyard.

Our staff will be cooking up a storm on the barbecues, providing a tasty egg and bacon roll, and there will be fruit platters, fruit juice and a cup of tea or coffee, for our hard working dads and their daughters.

Our Cafe will also be open, and you can purchase a cappuccino or fancy coffee, a hot chocolate or a piece of cake if you choose to do so.

We look forward to seeing you here!

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Book Week in the Junior Years

28 August 2015

Book Week is our favourite week of the year in Junior Years, with Book Day on Monday, and our Step into Stories authors visiting on Wednesday and Thursday.

Don't forget to dress up on Monday, and enjoy the many activities! Our visiting authors are Brian Falkner, Kerry Argent and Leigh Hobbs

Pictured: Families have been getting busy with the Maker Family Challenge.

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Parenting Ideas - Mood Meter Program

27 August 2015

Over the last year or two, the Parenting Ideas newsletters and information sheets have proven to be very popular with parents. Below is the newsletter from Parenting expert, Michael Grose, regarding the return of the Parenting Ideas Mood Meter Program.

Yes, I’m conducting the 4 week online Mood Meter Program for Parents again –starting 11th September.

As you know the Mood Meter Program is the first in a series of three courses I’ve created to teach parents how develop emotional intelligence in kids.

People kept asking

We’ve had so many requests from parents who either missed the first course, or who had heard about it from friends, that I had to conduct it a second time. They want to experience the benefits that the Mood Meter Program brings. Here’s what past participants say:

“I have become more actively aware of my emotions and my reactions at varying times of the day and how I regulate my mood in everyday situations, including my parenting.” Will P, happy dad.

“It is such a simple way to get me to check in on how my emotional state is affecting my parenting and such a simple tool to explain to kids and get them to use.” Lyndall Q, mother.

So, if you missed it the first time, then you’ve got just one more chance to learn how to give your kids the capacity to regulate their emotional states so they can be happier, less anxious and angry, and more able to perform at their full potential at school.

What is the Mood Meter?

The Mood Meter is a simple but powerful tool that will help you and your kids recognise, express and regulate emotions. The Mood Meter was originally designed for kids by the fabulous team at Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, but it’s a brilliant tool for parents too.

“I am calmer, I shout less, I am more mindful of how I am feeling and why.” Carolyn Y, mother.

The Mood Meter will help you be a more effective parent as well as help your kids better manage their feelings and emotion.

Register now and start benefitting straight away

While the course starts on 11th September you can start your learning right now. As soon as register you’ll receive a link to the Pre-learning video as well as access to all the resources, downloads and videos on the Parentingideas Club website. Register here

And you’ll be joining a huge community of like-minded parents:

“I found hearing other stories very cathartic. A lot of what I am going through is happening in other houses around Australia and the world. In some ways it helps me to realise I am not alone.” Jess, mum of two children

Let the learning begin

As parents we teach our kids so many things but by far the most important is how to manage their emotions so they can be happy.

Here’s to raising happy kids!

Mood Meter Youtube

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Book Chat with Parents and Pegi Williams Book Shop

21 August 2015

Parents are invited to the Junior Years Library on Tuesday, 25 August for 'Book Chat with Parents' from 2:30pm to 3:15pm, where we will look at the Book Week books. The Pegi Williams Book Shop will also be open for browsing and ordering.


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Donations wanted for creative crafts in the Junior Years Library

21 August 2015

Each Wednesday lunchtime is creative crafts time. We would love donations of paper, craft materials, wool and small boxes to build up our collection.

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Sydney-Canberra Trip Payments

20 August 2015

Payments for Canberra

A reminder that all outstanding money for the Year Six Sydney Canberra trip is due in by 7 September.  Please contact Mr Warren if you require any further information.


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