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14 August 2015

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Remembering our Beginnings

7 August 2015

This week, we celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of The Glennie School in 1908. Founder’s Day services were held at St Luke’s Church for girls in Middle Years and Senior Years. Reverend Kate Powell led the services which provided an opportunity for the girls and staff to reflect upon the selfless effort of our founder, Benjamin Glennie. His vision of creating a centre of learning for girls has become a reality of which we can all be proud.

Many girls were involved in the services with the Middle Years Choir and the Glennie Singers performing at the Middle Years service. The Senior Years Choir and the Choral Group performed at the Senior Years service. Reverend Powell was assisted by members of the Chapel Committee and Mr Duffin. School Captain, Emily-Louise Coggan read the blessing.

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40 Hour Famine

7 August 2015

Our rally held on Thursday at lunchtime attracted a crowd of girls who were interested in helping stop world hunger. As a result, a team of motivated young students from The Glennie School is joining together to support World Vision’s annual 40 Hour Famine. This year, the Interact Club hopes to raise $10,000. In order to reach this goal, we would like to enlist the support of The Glennie School community.

Started by World Vision, the 40 Hour Famine is one of Australia’s biggest youth events, raising community awareness and much needed funds to help fight global hunger. This year, it is expected that around 300,000 young people from all over Australia will participate in this year’s Famine which runs from 14 to 16 August.

If you would like to donate to The Glennie School, please follow this link. The Interact Club thanks you in advance for your support!

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Ainsley Bell
Interact Committee

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Debating Winners

7 August 2015

This week, the Year 7 debating team won their semi-final debate in the Queensland Debating Union competition. They will now compete in the grand final on 19 August. Maddy Brassington, Veronica Fischer, Manju Pynadath and Karma O'Reilly won their debate against Toowoomba Grammar arguing the negative case in a short preparation debate on the topic, that the learning of musical instruments is a waste of time.

Congratulations, girls and good luck in the grand final!

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My Day at Glennie

7 August 2015

On Tuesday, we welcomed boarding girls, Sam Healy (Year 7) and Claudia Simon (Year 7) to the Media Group and look forward to working with them for the remainder of 2015. The Glennie Media girls are currently working on a My Day at Glennie selfie project.

The idea is for them to take selfies that explain the activities they undertake in their average day. No words can be used so they will rely on their photography skills to capture a series of selfies that explain all. We look forward to showcasing their projects at Spring into Glennie so other potential Glennie girls can see what it’s like to be a Glennie girl.

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Vale, Mrs Gray

7 August 2015

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Linda Gray on 29 July. Her funeral was held in Brisbane today.

Linda and Steven Gray's daughter, Tiffany, graduated in 2008 and both Linda and Steven contributed so much to The Glennie School in the years that Tiffany attended. This was especially true in Glennie’s centenary year in 2008 when Linda was a dedicated member of the Centenary Committee. During this year, Linda organised The Glennie School float for the carnival of flowers having organised a very special practice float in 2007. The Glennie Centenary Ball was a great success and Linda's vision for this event was a major part of its success. Linda was a tremendous support for her husband Steven as he co-ordinated the building of the Centenary garden, a huge project that has left a lasting legacy at Glennie.

The Glennie French Immersion Supporters Group is a major part of The Glennie School P & F. Many of the events planned by Linda in her role as secretary for three years are still held annually.

Linda had many issues with her health over the years but her bravery and attitude were an inspiration to everyone who knew her. Our thoughts are with Steven and Tiffany.

Mrs Robyn Ayles
P & F President

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Ducks dive in for a Night at the Races

7 August 2015

The Donaldson Dinner was held on Friday, 31 July. The theme for the dinner was A Night at the Races. The Donaldson girls provided quality entertainment with performances by Eliza Kitchener, Phoebe Hanly, Sophie Little, Holly Wilson, Pippy Donaldson and Philippa Beeson.

There were many happy winners in the horse racing game and some interesting answers in the horse racing trivia. The Fashions on the Field Competition was fiercely contested, with Lillian O'Connor and Lexie Brown winning the major awards.

Thank you to Jaimie Beeson (House Captain), Emma Meyer (Vice Captain), the Donaldson committee, the Lawrance Hall staff and the Hospitality girls for a wonderful night and thank you to all the Donaldson families who attended.

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Parents and Friends raise $20,000 at Science Ball

7 August 2015

Lawrance Hall looked stunning on Saturday night for the P & F Science Ball. With thanks to the Parents and Friends' Association, dinner guests and sponsors, Wippells Autos, Fitzy's Toowoomba, Dental Elegance, Downs Rural Medical and AccommodationPlus, $20,000 was raised for the new Science Centre. The Periodic Table of Elements Honour Board proved a hit with a fantastic six elements selling on the night.

The Glennie Hospitality girls were a delight to have in attendance ensuring everyone received their meals prepared by Fitzy's.

From all reports, everyone had a wonderful time and after a fabulous meal, enjoyed dancing the night away to Groove Inc.

Thank you to everyone involved in this special evening. In particular, congratulations to P & F President, Robyn Ayles, on coordinating a most successful event.

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Looking into Xrays

7 August 2015

This week, the Year 9 Science girls welcomed Elizabeth Brettschneider from Queensland Xray to Glennie. Elizabeth delivered a presentation on Nuclear Medicine providing the girls with details and practical uses of radiation and isotopes within Queensland Xray. The presentation also gave the girls a glimpse into potential future career paths. 

Girls were able to view and handle key equipment pieces used at Queensland Xray every day including the heavy lead-filled vest used by staff during Xray procedures. Girls will use Elizabeth's presentation to assist them complete unit of study this term. 

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7 August 2015

So many of our girls have just completed their performances for the Eisteddfod, and this year, a record number of Junior Years girls have participated, which is an outstanding effort.

The Glennie JazzFest afternoon on Sunday 16 August promises to be another great afternoon's entertainment and I am hoping that Glennie families and their friends will come and support this event hosted by PASA. 

All funds raised are going towards Junior Years music, so all Junior Years children will directly benefit from your support. We have some great projects including instrument purchase and storage, if we can raise the money!

Please come along enjoy great musical entertainment in our courtyard.  

Mr Steve Warren,
Head of Junior Years

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Peace Cranes Soar

7 August 2015

In recognition of the seventieth anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing in World War II this week, Middle and Senior Years girls chose to create a crane for peace in our world.

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SRC at Glenvale Villas

7 August 2015

Our SRC girls have discovered that Glennie ties are far-reaching. Four of their 'adopted grandparents' at Glenvale Villas, have close ties with Glennie. Three of the ladies were once Glennie staff members and one is a Glennie Old Girl.

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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

7 August 2015

There have been quite a few impressive news stories about Glennie girls in the media this week, did you see them?

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Visiting Lecturer

31 July 2015

Recently, Professor Lindsay Brown, Professor of Biomedical Science from the School of Health and Wellbeing, Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences, at the University of Southern Queensland, visited Glennie to present lecture-style lessons. He spoke to the Year 12, Science21 class, on the topic of Biotechnology and its use for future drug discovery.

Professor Brown focused on the chemical association between different purple fruits and vegetables. He discussed purple corn, purple carrots and purple plums and how they can be used to create drugs that can be used to reduce inflammation and boost the body’s immunity in response to cancer, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity. His visual presentation explained the chemical process and techniques his faculty used to do this. He also explained the contribution of the research projects of PhD students, and why vegetables containing the colour purple can benefit our health. The information we learned was both interesting and beneficial to our assessment relating to biotechnology this term.

Professor Brown kindly remained at Glennie to deliver a second lecture style lesson to the Year 11 Science21 class. His lecture regarding tropical diseases and social patterns provided valuable information for the girls’ unit on Disease.

Alice Clavelli
Year 12

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Jury delivers a guilty verdict at the Year 11 Legal Studies Moot Court

31 July 2015

The Glennie School Supreme Court of Queensland was in session on Tuesday. Year 11 Legal Studies students presented a Moot Court trial conducted according to the rules and procedures laid down by the Queensland Supreme Court.

The Moot Court provides a valuable opportunity for students to develop their legal analytical skills and it allows students to practise law in a ‘real’ environment.  It also allows the School community and general public to learn more about the practice of law and the criminal justice system.

The Moot Case

On 4 November 2014, Sister Margaret Woodruff was returning to her car, parked at the Neil Street Bus Interchange car park in Toowoomba.  It was 11:00pm and the car park was deserted except for two members of a bikie gang, the Comancheros. When she walked past the pair, she heard one of them, later found to be Jack Cummings (alias “Snake-face”), suggest that “the evening’s entertainment had arrived!”

After being accosted by the two men, Sister Margaret Woodruff struggled from their grasp, reached into her handbag and pulled out a pistol. As “Snake-face” took a few steps towards her, she pulled the trigger and shot him.  He died later that night in the Toowoomba Base Hospital from a fatal chest wound. Sister Woodruff was also taken to the Toowoomba Base Hospital suffering post traumatic shock.  In her statement to the police, she claimed that although it was hard to remember what happened, she insisted the gun had fired accidentally.

The Prosecution Case

The accused had always hated bikie groups because her brother had been bashed and maimed by a member of the Hell’s Angels when she was 15 years old.  When she was allegedly assaulted by the Comancheros, she saw an opportunity to get revenge and make a stand against lawlessness on the streets.  The accused had a gun and knew how to use it.  She wanted the death to appear as an accident. There was no lethal threat to the accused and the force used was way out of proportion to the original assault.

The Defence Case

The actions of the accused can be excused on the grounds of accident and self defence. Sister Woodruff had been assaulted as a young girl and her brother’s vicious bashing led her to a reasonable fear that she was about to be sexually assaulted.  The accused was simply defending herself and used the only weapon she had available, her shooting pistol.  The death of the deceased was a tragic accident, which would never have happened if the Comancheros had not misbehaved.  At worst, the accused’s reaction was out of proportion to the assault and she would only be liable for a manslaughter.  If a conviction eventuated, it should only result in a lenient sentence given the circumstances of the case.

The case was heard before Justice Cudmore and a jury of 12.  Members of the Prosecution and Defence were very persuasive and the witnesses each presented convincing testimony. The jury took 30 minutes to deliberate and returned a verdict of not guilty to the charge of murder, but guilty to the charge of manslaughter. 

Glennie thanks Mr Greg Cudmore for his role as Supreme Court judge, Dr Andrew Hemming and Mrs Michelle Hemming for preparing each legal team, and St George State High School, The School of Total Education, Toowoomba State High School (Mount Lofty) and Toowoomba State High School (Wilsonton) for forming the jury.

The Year 11 Legal Studies girls are to be commended for their preparation and dedication leading up to the Moot Court presentation. 

Click here to view the photo gallery.  Photo credit:  Keira Groves

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A Head Start

31 July 2015

Congratulations to four of our Year 11 and 12 girls who successfully completed Headstart courses through the University of Southern Queensland. Headstart is a program for school students that allows selected students in Years 11 and 12 to complete university courses that guarantee them entry into related degree courses at USQ.

The first course completed is free, and courses also contribute points towards the Queensland Certificate of Education. Our successful Headstart graduates, from left to right in the photograph, with Mr Farmer are:

  • Charlotte Gehrmann (Year 12) - Cinematic Language
  • Nicola Sainsbury (Year 11) - Engineering Materials
  • Christine Mundell (Year 11) - Introduction to Marketing
  • Bree Gardoll (Year 12) - Human Anatomy and Physiology

The girls were awarded their graduation certificates at the Graduation Ceremony at USQ on Tuesday evening.  Well done girls!

Bree says of her experiences in the Headstart program:

"Over the summer of 2014 and 2015, Semester 3 for universities, I had the privilege of completing a USQ Headstart Course in Human Anatomy and Physiology. It was one of the most worthwhile decisions I have made regarding the exploration of tertiary education options. It gave me a taste of university whilst complimenting my senior studies at Glennie. Through USQ’s distance education facilities and online learning centres, I was able to study externally whilst at home in Goondiwindi, participating in the same lectures, forums and quizzes as my internal cohort. As one of the components of Human Anatomy and Physiology is laboratory sessions, I was also able to attend a three day residential program where I met other Headstart participants and a variety of external nursing and science students. This was particularly valuable, as many of the full time students had practical advice on how to manage the transition into tertiary study and what to expect during a degree.

The support which USQ provided throughout the duration of my course, definitely helped me to achieve, and the teachers at Glennie helped me to juggle my school and university commitments when it came to exams".

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Mathematical Discovery

31 July 2015

Last Thursday and Friday, the IdeasPLUS@Glennie Mathematical Discovery workshops were held. Dr Olek Yevdokimov and Mrs Anna Yevdokimov conducted the workshops, with the support of Mr Griffiths and Mrs Roper. Selected girls from Prep to Year 6 puzzled away at problems and activities, covering a range of mathematical concepts. The lower primary girls particularly enjoyed working with tangrams and acting out tricky problems. The upper primary girls enjoyed the Mathematical Vocabulary Challenge in which the girls incorporated ten mathematics related words into a short play. 

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Calling for Super heroes!

31 July 2015

It’s not often that you can say that you have saved a life - but when you join the Red Cross Blood Service donor list you can become a real life superhero and save three! We are calling for heroes aged 16 and over to be whole blood donors and those aged 20 and over to be plasma and platelet donors.

We are Glennie Red 25, the Glennie Red Cross Blood Service Youth Ambassadors – a team of Year 11 and 12 volunteers who spread the word of the satisfaction of donating blood and blood donation awareness. Did you know that 34% of blood donations go to cancer and other blood disease patients?

The Glennie Red 25 team is calling for your help in National Donor Week. We have the mission and the world needs your blood. Will you roll up your sleeves and contribute to the more than 27,000 blood donations required in Australia every week?

The process is amazingly simple. The technicians at the Toowoomba Red Cross Blood Service clinic have it down to an art. Your first donation will only take an hour, during which time a small test is done to check the quality of your blood and your eligibility to donate. This process has allowed Australia’s blood service to be one of the safest and healthiest in the world. Each time you donate, your appointment gets shorter and can be as quick as 15 minutes and take place at a time that suits you.

If you already donate or are just entering the business of life saving and protecting, we would like to invite you to make your donations count towards the Glennie tally. This is as simple as asking to be counted on the Glennie count at the front desk of the Clinic or filling in the team box with the words – Glennie Red 25 team when you arrive.

Please help us save lives and join the Glennie Red 25 team by making an appointment either online or by calling 13 14 95.

To find out more information please head to the Red Cross Blood Service website www.donateblood.com.au.

Bree Gardoll, Nicola Sainsbury, Grace Goddard and Meg Ryan.  We would also like to acknowledge Sophie Macansh whose drive and commitment has been a significant factor in the great success of Glennie Red 25.  Thank you Sophie!

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Books provide creative inspiration for girls

31 July 2015

The Book Week shortlisted books are inspiring girls in Years 5 and 6 to learn and create.  Charlotte, Hannah and Brooke learned how to make their own rope after reading 'Rivertime' by Trace Bella.

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Movie Night

31 July 2015

Last Saturday night in the Assembly Hall, the Interact Club held the annual Movie Night. The Movie Night supports Teen Challenge, a Christian charity which runs a residential rehabilitation program for young men and women who need help recovering from addiction and other life-controlling problems. They are based in Toowoomba, making it extremely valuable that we were able to provide support to a local charity. We watched two movies, Big Hero 6 and She’s the Man, accompanied by pizza and popcorn. The night was a huge success, with mini dance parties between the movies and everyone wearing their pyjamas. A big thank-you must go to all the girls who supported Teen Challenge, the rest of the Interact Committee for their organisational assistance and Mrs Skett, Miss Coopamah and Miss Chapman for supporting us on the night.

Scarlett Raine and Lucy Norman

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Welcome to our new Gappies

31 July 2015

This week, we welcomed five new gap year students to Glennie: Anne Landsmann, Katharina Robrahn, Lucy McNair, Keisha Roberson and Alina Sohst.  Anne, Katharina and Alina are from Germany, Lucy hales from Scotland and Keisha comes to us from the United States of America (USA).

Each of our Gappies possess a unique set of skills that will no doubt assist them to settle in at Glennie and work with the girls.  Anne is sporty, enjoys tutoring students in Maths and English and has spent three weeks on student exchange in the USA.  Lucy was head girl in her year, is an all-rounder, plays sport, is a Cadet and pipe band drummer and has experienced seven years in boarding.  Keisha has a Bachelor of Biology undergraduate degree, tutors students in reading and junior Maths, plays volleyball at university level and coaches middle years girls Volleyball.  Katharina is a certified tennis coach who has worked in tennis camps and youth organisations and enjoys playing the flute.  Alina is another all-rounder who teaches guitar to 7 to 11 year-olds, is a qualified ski instructor, has experience with assisting children with disabilities and is proficient in French and Spanish.

Anne, Katharina, Lucy, Keisha and Alina will share their experiences with Glennie girls especially the boarding girls.  This will be a welcome cultural sharing experience for everyone.  We hope you’ll introduce yourself when given the opportunity to enrich their experience at Glennie. 

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Another Day, Another Book

31 July 2015

The gloomy weather on Sunday did not bother the Middle Years Library Lovers team as they combined their talents to plan, write, edit, illustrate and publish a book in 12 hours. The parameters they were given at 8:00am set their story in a library with the theme of an unexpected party involving a fireman, architect and sprite. At 7:00pm, life mirrored art and they celebrated the publication of their story Books hold more than words with a pizza party in the library. 

The team is still looking for sponsors to enable them to be considered for prizes. Money raised goes to the Kid's Cancer Project and donations can be made online by choosing MY Library Lovers.

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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SRC Gets Help from Interact

31 July 2015

This week, the Year 12 Interact girls worked with the Year 6 Student Representative Council (SRC) to organise a fundraiser for this term. The Junior Years SRC will be hosting a Free Dress Day on 26 August to support Go Blue for Autism.

On the day, all Junior Years girls will be encouraged to wear something blue, and make a donation of $2, to show their support for children with Autism.

At morning tea, there will be donuts available for $1. Girls are encouraged to pre-purchase donuts through their class teacher in the days prior, to make sure they don’t miss out! The money raised will be shared between Go Blue for Autism and a donation to St Luke’s Church for their Labyrinth project.

So go for blue! Order a donut and chew, chew, chew!

Year 12 Interact and
Junior Years SRC

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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

31 July 2015

Please enjoy some stories we spotted in the media this week relating to Glennie girls and their activities:

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It's time to have a ball!

27 July 2015

There are now less than three weeks to the Glennie Ball.  We need your support for what will be a great night so please come along.

A fantastic night of entertainment is planned thanks to Groove Inc. so bring some comfy dancing shoes.  As an attendee you'll receive:

  • Canapes and Drink on Arrival
  • Entree
  • Main
  • Dessert
  • 2 Bottles of Wine on Table.

Boarder parents are especially welcome to consider attending.  What a great weekend to come to Toowoomba.  The Glennie School MSY Athletics Carnival will be held on Friday, 31 July, Donaldson Dinner that night and the Ball on Saturday, 1 August. On Sunday, 2 August there is also a UQ Open Day in Brisbane.

Tables of 8 or 10 are available or feel free to book and join another table of guests.

To book or pay for a ticket please ring the GOSS 4688 8831 or you can email goss@glennie.qld.edu.au.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Robyn Ayles or telephone 0427 802 448.

Here are some frequently asked questions answered:

What is the Dresscode?
Cocktail, Ball, Suit or themed dress is all great. You are welcome in any outfit you have in your wardrobe.

Are outside guests able to attend?
Outside Guests are very welcome to attend and can ring and pay at the GOSS.

What drinks are available?
Wine, beer, limited spirits, non-alcoholic options also available.

What if I have dietary requirements?
Please list these when booking.

Will it be Warm Inside?

Where else can you get a great night out for only $80 and a $50 Tax deductible donation to the Science Centre?

Thanks to everyone who has booked so far! Please organise your table early to assist with catering arrangements. 

The Parents and Friends' Association are grateful for the support of our event sponsors:  

There are still sponsorship opportunities from $100 to $500 available.  If you are iwould like to promote your business by donating a prize for the raffle/auction, Robyn Ayles would love to hear from you.

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