Academic Awards

25 May 2018

One of the key Goals of our 2018 – 2020 Strategic Plan is to encourage a growth mindset in order to foster in students independence, resilience, perseverance and highly adaptive thinking and learning. Set this against the backdrop of implementing a new Senior Curriculum and you have the perfect opportunity to review school structures, processes and procedures.

Last term, I outlined a new model of Middle and Senior Years reporting involving changes to interim, progressive and end of semester/end of course reporting that will allow us to effectively meet student, parent, school, system and government expectations in 2018 and beyond.

Following an extensive data-informed review of student achievement in Years 7 to 12, I am delighted to now announce a new model of Academic Awards that will celebrate both academic achievement and student growth, beginning this year at our Academic Awards Assembly at the start of Semester 2.

As we have done for many years at our Academic Awards assemblies and Annual Speech Day and Prize-giving Celebrations, we will continue to recognise outstanding achievement in students’ academic results as well as application of effort. However, for the first time, we now will celebrate significant improvement in a student’s academic achievement over the course of a calendar year.

Information about these Academic Awards, including the criteria for determining the awards can be found in the Student Handbook. A link to the relevant page is provided here.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Dean of Teaching and Learning

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From the Chaplain

25 May 2018

Over the last two weeks we have had a focus on Prayer in our Chapel services and daily routines. Participating in the worldwide week of Prayer called “Thy Kingdom Come”, students and staff were encouraged to pray for our world, our community, ourselves and each other. This initiative began with the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in the UK two years ago and has spread across the globe, not just in the Anglican Communion but across all Christian denominations. Our girls sent in prayer requests via a google form and the Chapel Committee prayed these aloud together during morning tea each day.

This week we have celebrated Pentecost with our very first prayer space. Girls across the school have cut, coloured and written prayers on flames of the Spirit and these were attached to coloured fabrics in the Chapel. By the end of the week our Chapel was filled with the Holy Spirit! Chapel services told the story of the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples in a rushing wind and tongues of fire. The girls were encouraged to think about how they experience God’s presence in their lives. A gentle breeze, the breath of God, or a rushing wind filling our school and our lives with encouragement and empowering us for the work we do. Junior Years girls sang about the gifts of the Spirit as they prayed for God to help them bring more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control to their own lives and to those around them.

Here are some images of the prayer space for you to enjoy.

Reverend Sharon
Glennie Chaplain

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Bella takes on Young Con.

25 May 2018

Have you ever been in the audience at a concert and pictured yourself in the musician’s shoes? Year 9 student Isabella (Bella) Lilford did just that over five years ago while watching a trombonist in action and hasn’t looked back since. In  Junior Years and in Year 7 and 8, Bella enjoyed her lessons with Mrs Fuller and now in her Middle Years is an active member of Jazz orchestra, Big Band, Jazz Ensemble, Glennie singers, Middle Years Choir and Concert Band at Glennie.

In 2017 Bella auditioned, playing two pieces to a panel of four members for acceptance in to the Young Conservatorium Wind Orchestra at Griffith University. Young Conservatorium offers pre-school, primary and secondary students a pathway of musical training drawing on the skills, expertise and excellence of the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.

After waiting patiently for six months to learn she was accepted, Bella is now travelling to Brisbane every Saturday to fine-tune her skills on the trombone. In addition to the expert tutelage offered in the program, Bella enjoys their busy performance calendar in a 50 musician orchestra. Most recently, Bella contributed to the ‘Star Wars’ themed performance, at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and will be a part of the end of semester showcase concert.

Bella commits on average up to eight hours practice a week on her trombone and will enjoy one year with the Young Conservatorium with an option to be invited to stay on into the future.


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Under 8s’ Day

25 May 2018

On Tuesday, for the second year running, our Kindergarten children enjoyed an excursion to visit their friends at TACAPS Kindergarten. The excursion was a joint venture to celebrate Under 8s’ Day and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in aid of The Cancer Council. Our youngest Glennie students enjoyed a morning making new friends, exploring the TACAPS Kindy gardens and a delicious morning tea. As always the bus trip was a particular highlight.

Also on Tuesday, the girls in Prep to Year 2 participated in activities at Toowoomba Grammar Junior, Glennie and Fairholme Junior to celebrate being under eight. This was a fantastic morning of varied events, with teams moving through a number of different activities during the morning and sharing morning tea together. Sincere thanks to Mrs Dawson who co-ordinated this special day in our calendar.  

We plan to share a highlights video next week.

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Lily is SET!

25 May 2018

Year 10 SET Planning is always a busy, but exciting time in the Careers and VET Office. I enjoy meeting with students and parents to talk about the options that the girls are considering, especially when there are so many different pathways available. I thought this time of year might be appropriate to share the story of one of our Year 12 girls, Lily Ryan, who has used her senior education to explore and decide on her future pathway.

Lily is in her final weeks of completing a School-based traineeship in Glennie’s Development Office. Guided by Communications Officer, Tina Tilden and Marketing Officer, Tracey Kessels over the past year she has completed 375 hours of paid, on-the job training along with twelve training modules. For her hard work, she will be awarded a Certificate III in Screen and Media.

When Lily first decided to apply for the position in the Development Office, she wasn’t 100% convinced that graphic design was an area she wished to pursue. She knew she wanted to complete some vocational training, and enjoyed making videos, so thought she would explore this opportunity some more. Given work tasks such as designing posters, Lily discovered that she enjoyed being able to use her creativity. Seeing her work displayed on the big screen at Speech Day was a real highlight for Lily. You will also see Lily’s work displayed throughout our classrooms and in the student record book as she used her skills to develop the Cognitive Verb Owl posters that were adapted from a US model.  

Once Lily started learning about design and screen media in her traineeship, she decided to use these skills and enrolled in a university subject through USQ’s Head Start Program. Studying over the Christmas holidays, Lily completed Design Fundamentals which she passed with Distinction. Some of Lily’s work was chosen for USQ’s student gallery.

While Lily’s time in the Development Office may be coming to an end, her studies in Design will continue. Lily plans to use the guaranteed entry she achieved from completing her Head Start course to continue her studies in the Creative Industries at USQ next year. And she can already tick one subject off her study program.

Lily is grateful for the support that The Glennie School and the staff in the Development Office have given her in undertaking this traineeship. “It has definitely helped me with my future. The hands-on work experience have given me excellent skills to add to my resume and transfer to university and future jobs.”

If you pass by the Careers and VET office, make sure you stop and read some more about Lily’s story in our Pathways Student of the Week display. We have many girls undertaking school-based traineeships while completing their senior studies, all gaining valuable life and work skills to assist them with their future career paths.

Mrs Sharon Currie
Careers Co-ordinator


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Year 4 Website Creations

25 May 2018

This week the girls in Year 4 commenced their Digital Technologies Project. Mr Causer joined the Year 4 teachers to team teach the girls in their introductory lesson that focused on creating their own website.

The websites will showcase individual student portfolios which will include work samples from each of the Key Learning Areas and will be shared with parents so that they can view their daughter’s progress throughout the year.


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French Morning Tea

25 May 2018

On Tuesday, all current and past French immersion girls (from Years 7 to 12) gathered for a French morning tea in the Glennie room.

It was a great opportunity to get together while enjoying some crêpes prepared by the Year 9 French immersion class and listening to French music.

The Year 10 students also made an announcement about tonight’s trivia night that they have organised in support of their trip to France in September

All had a wonderful time and both students and teachers were delighted to be able to gather as a whole group.

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Get to know your Past Principals - Part 2

25 May 2018

Miss Margaret Brown 1925-1938

Miss Lawrance was succeeded by Miss Margaret Brown in 1925. Miss Brown had wide teaching experience, coming to Glennie from Church of England Girls’ School, Warwick. It is said that her personality seemed less vivid and less forceful, though perhaps more sympathetic, motherly, more warm and friendly. Miss Brown won the respect of her staff and affection of her girls. Many girls felt they had a friend and confidante in Miss Brown. Girls were challenged with intellectual conversation at tea with her, which many found difficult, though it was superb training. After study at night, the girls would file past Miss Brown and shake her hand to say goodnight. Tennis was Miss Brown’s favourite sport with the Margaret Brown Cup an encouragement for participation in the sport.

Miss Brown left Glennie in 1938. “Miss Margaret Brown brought to the task of consolidation, not only scholarship and a competent grasp of the teacher’s technique, but a charm of manner, a quiet sympathy and restraint, a deep understanding of a girl’s nature that made her at once a friend and protector of those whom she ruled.

Yet she was always the headmistress, and in whom, though discipline was no fetish, authority reigned unchallenged.”

(Ref: The Glennie Gazette October 1938 p5)

Noelene Fleming
Glennie Archivist

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Rankin Leaders

18 May 2018

Last Wednesday, Glennie student leaders hosted the annual Rankin Leaders' Dinner. The dinner is in memory of a Glennie Old Girl, Annabelle Rankin, who was the first Queensland woman to serve in Parliament in 1946. Ninety-six student leaders from across the Darling Downs, accompanied by senior members of staff from the schools gathered in the Lawrance Hall dining room. It was a fantastic opportunity to socialise, share stories and discuss school leadership with our peers. A highlight of the night was a speech by Councillor Geoff McDonald. His engaging presentation shared memorable stories about how to be a great leader. The Year 12 leaders thank everybody who contributed to making the evening such a success, especially Mrs Farrell, Assistant to the Dean of Students.

Click here for a photo gallery

Claudia Sullivan, Year 12

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Coal mining excursion

18 May 2018

Last Thursday, the Years 11 and 12 Geography classes went on an excursion to the New Acland Mine and surrounding farms, collecting data and gaining different perspectives on coal mining and its impacts.

The day began with a conversation with two dairy farmers who are experiencing difficulty regarding their water quality and supply and how the mining site is impacting their farms.

Then, we went to the New Hope Mining Site, where we were greeted by employers. At the site, the miners provided us with information on their company's aims and values in relation to community development and environmental sustainability. The day continued with a tour around the mine which was highly informative and contributed to our opinions regarding thin seam coal mining.

The information received on the trip was of great value to our decision making for our current assessment and widened our perspectives on mining and farming in the Darling Downs region.

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Empowerment Day

18 May 2018

Empowering women, engagement and nurturing community through interconnections, are powerful messages for our girls. These were our themes on Empowerment Day in support of the achievements of women around the world and the need to press for progress on a range of gender parity issues. In 2018, when we are focussing on the idea of ‘Being Like a Girl’, we had the opportunity to support and connect with each other. It was a glorious afternoon for a celebratory picnic and concert followed by community building activities. Thank you to our guest speakers Mrs Cohen, Mrs Broadfoot, Isabella Nolte (SWC Captain) and Kate Reeves (SWC Vice-Captain). We are also grateful to several parents and Old Girls who came to support us by cooking a sausage sizzle and all of the Year 12 Committees for running the programme of events. The day concluded with a fun dance taught to us by our School Captain, Rachel Hall and her team. A particular thanks to the SWC, the Student Welfare Committee, for their efforts in preparation for the day.

Mrs Broadfoot spoke to us about the idea of ‘Becoming Wonder Woman’ and the need to find people in our lives who make us feel BIG! The following is an extract from Mrs Broadfoot’s wonderful address.

Becoming Wonder Woman

"…To this little girl, here was a woman [Wonder Woman] who seemed big, powerful, strong, and her goal in life was to defend those who could not defend themselves. … Now I know that I am small, in fact quite tiny, but for as long as I can remember, I have always felt BIG. I do not perceive myself as little at all, and sometimes it shocks me that people say that I am “so small”. Perhaps I owe this to Wonder Woman, but as I reflect, I know that it was not actually her. It was, in fact, the people who I had close in my life who allowed me to be Wonder Woman.

…But it was more than that, I realised I was surrounded by a strong woman, my mum who made all of our clothes, who made do with what we had but most importantly she would give so much away and give her time to so many people…  And then, my sister who after continual setbacks and obstacles in her life, still to this day lives by the philosophy that “No matter what lies in front of you, there will always be a way over, under, around or through it”. These were the people who believed in me and shared a part of who they are with me, each and every day.  It is because of them, that I feel big. …I was surrounded by people who allowed me to be who God had intended, and that was me. I suppose this is my point.

Who are the people in your lives, girls, who make YOU feel BIG?

These people are generally those who you are close to here and now. People you sit with or even stand with, people you look across a crowd to find.  They are the people who fill your life. It is so very important to surround yourself by these people. As I have grown, I have found people in my life who believed I could be someone unique in the world and continue to be BIG…These are the people who make me feel big, who, because they share a part of their life with me, let me share in something more than me. These are the people you need to find.

So on this day, International Women’s Day or Empowerment Day, make a point of finding these people, push forward, make the move to surround yourself with those who believe in you, let you be who you need to be. Let ‘you’ share in the lives of others. Because when you do, I truly believe you, too, will become Wonder Woman.”

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Aquaversity - an outstanding community service

18 May 2018

The Glennie Aquatic team are celebrating national success after being awarded the Swim Australia’s Outstanding Community Service Award for their latest swim program initiative, Aquaversity.

Run in partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society Queensland Inc, Toowoomba Regional Council and the Toowoomba African Community, Aquaversity commenced in September 2017 and was also held in the 2018 January school holidays.  

“We have quite a few schools that use our Centre for swimming lessons and swimming carnivals, and our instructors notice the alarming number of Sudanese children either frightened of the water or simply not confident in basic swimming skills. Sadly, this becomes more of an issue when the parents and families of these children are also not confident in or around water” said Shannon Townsend, Centre Manager for Glennie Aquatic.

Local African Women’s Association advocate Sisilia Ajang works closely with members of her community sharing opportunities to integrate into the Toowoomba community and the Australian lifestyle. Sisilia spread the word about Aquaversity, and as a result, the instructors introduced 15 babies to their first learn to swim experience, 70 children aged 3 to 17 experienced learn to swim classes, and 12 adults were welcomed to the pool environment.

Through programs like this, participants get to be involved in a popular Australian sport, experience achievement in a supportive and inclusive environment and learn a skill for life.

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Mayoral Prayer Breakfast

18 May 2018

On Tuesday morning, the Chapel committee, two Year 6 representatives, Reverend Sharon Baird, Mrs Cohen and Mr Warren attended the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at Rumours International.

This event has been running for 26 years and has raised over $280,000 for various Toowoomba Charities. This year, the guest speaker was Shaun Hart, Triple AFL Premiership winner and Head of Development with the Gold Coast Suns. He talked about his life’s journey and his work with coaching and development and the importance of his faith in assisting him to be where he is today.

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18 May 2018

Wednesday to Friday this week has been very busy as our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 girls participated in the online NAPLAN assessments. Glennie has been a trial school for this over the last few years. This online format allows for tailored testing for individual students. We will also be able to access the data much sooner than the paper testing option provides.

We were impressed with our Year 3 children who have undertaken NAPLAN for the first time and have adapted to this testing very well. Norma Jean the NAPLAN Fairy provided the Junior Years girls with a celebratory gift following their completion of NAPLAN.

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18 May 2018

C’mon Glennie! Let’s show this town just how strongly GIRLS can play!

For too long the gents have walked away with the tournament trophies and medallions. There is absolutely no logical reason why a female player, or a team of girls, cannot dominate and walk away with the silverware.

In June, students will be competing at the Primary School’s Invitational Championship and the High School Regional Individual Tournament. Just a month later, Glennie will also compete at the Senior School Teams Tournament.

There are many competent chess players in the Middle and Senior Years. We have a wonderful opportunity to represent our school and to show the lads how to play like a girl!

Contact Mr Carter ( or Ms Lee for more information regarding these tournaments.

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International Water Safety Day

18 May 2018

The Glennie Aquatic Centre participated in the International Water Safety Day on 15 May 2018. This day is a worldwide day to promote water safety and drowning prevention education as well as equip our youth with tools to understand how to act in emergency and rescue situations in aquatic environments.

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Tori Off to America

18 May 2018

Earlier this year, we wrote about how Tori Gallegos placed first in Australia and Australasia for 14/15 years Crossfit. Based on these results, Tori has been officially invited to participate in the CrossFit Games to be held in America in August this year. For the first two weeks of Term 3, Tori will be in America acclimatising to the conditions before participating in a surprise workout weekend. The number of the workouts is unknown, but could be up to 14 over the course of the weekend.

This is an incredible achievement for Tori, and we wish her all the best in America!

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After Kindy Care

18 May 2018

We are up and running with After Kindy Care. Mrs Cheryl Mannion has been appointed to run this service for Glennie, which runs under the Glennie Outside School Hours Care licence and takes place at the Glennie Prep room. This service runs every afternoon from 3.15pm until 6.00pm.

Please, can you tell your friends about this new service. We will also be running Vacation Care over the June and July holidays which will be open to children from outside of Glennie, so we would appreciate your assistance in ‘spreading the word’.

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Get to know your Past Principals - Part 1

18 May 2018

Miss Margaret Lawrance Co-Principal 1910-1913
Miss Grace Lawrance Principal 1910-1925

1908-1913. The Misses Margaret and Grace Lawrance were founding Principals and joint Heads of School.

Miss Grace Lawrance was born in London in 1873 and came to Australia by sailing ship in 1902. Before coming to Glennie, the sisters were working at New England Girls’ Grammar School in Armidale. The two sisters had the benefit of a well-rounded education and family involvement in education.

It is said ”Miss Grace Lawrance was a personality, she possessed a remarkable power of organisation, and though not herself an academic type, for her education had been mainly by private governesses, and her real talent was for music, she had the power of recognising intellectual powers in others and attracting them to her staff.”*

The front gates have the initials GL entwined as a memorial to Grace Lawrance. The Glennie Dining Hall was named after the two sisters.

Miss Margaret Lawrance left Glennie in 1913, while her sister stayed on as Head of School until 1925.

*(Ref: Carew, Dorothea Petrie in Many years, many girls p.152)

Photos: Grace Lawrance (left), Margaret Lawrance (right)

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Cyber Education

18 May 2018

The latest edition of Cyber BYTES from the Anglican Schools Commision Cybersafety Officer is now available. It contains helpful articles, including information about

  • being real online
  • identifying 'fake news'
  • Fortnite (shooting game), and Yubo (social media app)

Cyber BYTES, and other great resources to assist parents to keep their young ones safer online can be found on the Cyber Education and Child Protection section of the Glennie Portal.  

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CPR Refresher

18 May 2018

On Monday afternoon you may have noticed the Junior Years staff refreshing their CPR skills in the Junior Years Courtyard. Each year our staff undertake training with CPR and First aid with our trainer, Mrs Shannon Townsend, Manager of the Glennie Aquatic Centre.

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Poppy Artwork in Junior Years Reception

18 May 2018

Have you seen our beautiful Poppy art piece in the Junior Years Reception? This work is the result of contributions from many people. This, the second panel was completed at the poppy workshop last Sunday. Thank you to the ladies who came to offer their assistance on the day. We even had a visit from former Glennie Librarian, Mrs Crocombe. 

The deliveries of poppies keep rolling in but we would love to have even more poppies made and added to this piece of commemorative art.

Call to the Junior Years or Main Reception to collect your 'poppy kit’. This artwork will be on display until the end of the term.

For more information about Glennie Poppy Project, visit the Glennie website or visit our facebook page.

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Maths Team Challenge

18 May 2018

On Tuesday 8 May, six teams of girls went to the Maths Teams Challenge at St Ursula’s College, where they competed against teams from other schools in our region.

The students were challenged in two rounds of questions, the first a team event and the second a relay event. The questions asked at this event are abstract and rely on the students using maths skills to solve very unfamiliar problems.

All teams performed well on the day, with the stand-outs being our Year 8 team, Sienna Richardson, Jessica Barnes, Tahlia Dwan, Linda Mai, Olivia Prewett and Amelia Black, who won the Junior Division.

This was an exceptional result. Well done, girls.

A big thank you to Miss Chapman, Mrs Klein and Mrs Markham who supervised the girls at this challenge.

Click here for more photos

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Learning to dance, Kathak style

18 May 2018

This week, the Year 10 Dance girls worked with Andrea Lam, the Director of Dance Masala, in Brisbane, to learn about Indian Classical and Semi-classical dance in the Kathak style. They found that working the feet and hands (in mudras) at different beats was quite a difficult task! We learnt about how this and many other styles have been adapted for use in the Bollywood culture.

To view a video of their lesson, click here.

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Student becomes the teacher

18 May 2018

This term Georgina Morton (Year 4) has worked with Mrs Balzer to complete an iMaths Investigation titled 'Top Team'. The investigation has allowed her to make connections between her learning in Mathematics and real-life situations, in this instance sports/physical games.

After careful planning and setup, Georgina put her teaching hat on to deliver games for a special motor skills lesson with Year 1 girls. Through Georgina’s articulate delivery of instructions and some demonstrations, the Year 1 girls performed each of the tasks required with some impressive results. After documenting the results, Georgina thanked the girls with some congratulatory high fives.

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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