Junior Art Expo Winners

25 May 2017

The final results are in from the Junior Art Expo. Congratulations to all girls how had work chosen and in particular to the major award winners. 

  • Artshop Fine Custom Picture Framing Award for Best Picture (any medium): Harriett Killen
  • Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society award for Runner-up to the Culliford Prize for Open Drawing: Harriett Killen
  • Murray’s Art and Framing Award for Open Painting and Multimedia: Jasmyn Bloodworth
  • Dornbusch Partners School Encouragement Award: The Glennie School
  • Murray’s Art and Framing Junior Encouragement Award: Gisele Hede

Girls to have work selected were:


  • Gisele Hede  (2)
  • Mabel Hede

Years 1 and 2

  • Palakh Garg
  • Zoe Wardle
  • Miranda Boxall-Thomas
  • Ella Donovan
  • Olivia Kemp
  • Amelia DeClark
  • Darcy Vaschina
  • Elle Middleton
  • Meg Roper

Years 3 and 4

  • Charlotte Baker
  • Grace De La Croix
  • Aalia Magzub-Colvin
  • Samantha Azar
  • Pip Lilford
  • Kate Roper
  • Holly Finn
  • Alliah Oats
  • Chloe Archinal
  • Freya Statham
  • Jazelle Carter

Years 5 and 6

  • Mia Van der Merwe
  • Emma Anderson
  • Kate Healy
  • Mashal Imam
  • Jayde Pearson
  • Charlotte Townsing
  • Harriet Dummett

Years 7 and 8

  • Charlotte Hall (2)

Open Drawing

  • Harriett Killen
  • Amber Lane

Open Painting and Multimedia

  • Jasmyn Bloodworth
  • Pippy Donaldson
  • Harriett Killen
  • Alexandra Rhodes

Read more about the girls’ achievements in this Chronicle article

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Toowoomba Royal Show Art Awards

25 May 2017

The Toowoomba Royal Show provided an opportunity for our art students to demonstrate their outstanding abilities. The Middle and Senior Years girls’ achievements were recognised in Assembly this week.  Well done to Brittany Nicholson for achieving first prize in her section. A special mention goes to Georgia Marsh for not only achieving first prize but also Champion for her Black and White Freehand Drawing.

  • Georgia Marsh, First Prize, Champion: Black and White Freehand drawing 
  • Brittney Nicholson, First Prize: Year 9 Freehand drawing
  • Brittney Nicholson, Second Prize: Year 9 Drawing 
  • Lauren Hopgood, Third Prize: Year 9 Drawing 
  • Angela Sharp, Third Prize: Year 11 Freehand
  • Josie Fawckner, Fourth Prize: Year 11 Freehand
  • Paige Caldwell, Highly Commended: Year 11 Freehand Drawing

Click here for the photo gallery

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State Honours Ensemble Program

19 May 2017

This weekend approximately 120 music students from the Darling Downs Region will converge upon Glennie to work with staff from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. SHEP is designed to offer students the opportunity to make music with other like-minded teenagers whilst gaining the experience of learning from industry professionals. This is a wonderful opportunity for the 60 Glennie students involved.

The final concert on Sunday 21 May at 1:00 pm will feature the Choir, String Ensemble and Concert Band. These ensembles will have worked across the weekend, and the concert promises to be of a very high standard. The concert is open to the public for a gold coin donation. It will be held in the Glennie Assembly Hall.

Good luck to all of those involved in this auspicious weekend.

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Eisteddfod Results - Individual

19 May 2017

Round 1 of the Toowoomba Eisteddfod concluded last week with the Glennie girls bringing home a number of awards and prizes in the Singing, and Speech and Drama sections. Many of the Speech and Drama students competed for the first time and received high praise for their performances. Well done to all of the students and parents. Also a big thank you to the staff, conductors and tutors for their time and effort before and during the eisteddfod.

Round 2 of the Toowoomba Eisteddfod occurs in August, with some preparations already beginning. Stay tuned for dates and times in the coming months.

Below are the individual results from Round 1

Section 084 - Year 7 to 9  Vocal Duet

  • Laura Hunt & Taylor Steinmuller - 2nd 

Section 055 Year 8 Vocal (Female) Solo

  • Amy Grant - HC 

Section 054 Year 9 Vocal (Female) Solo

  • Katelyn Nicholls - HC 

Section 082 Open Vocal Duet

  • Vicki Bravery - 1st (Current Strings and Vocal tutor)

Section 151 Years 7 to 9 Piano Duet

  • Emma Donald & Olivia Taylor - 1st 

Section 130 Years 7 to 9 Australian Composer Piano Solo

  • Zoe Dann - 1st

Section 143 All Age Graded Piano Solo Grade 4 Standard

  • Olivia Taylor - 2nd 

Section 213 Years 5 and 6 Dramatisation of Poem Group

  • Year 5 Drama Group - Elizabeth Cross, Philippa Lilford, Keira Nicholls, Isabelle Morrissey, Isabella Poole, Felicity Russell - 2nd 

Section 212 Years 1 and 2 Poems in Pairs

  • Olivia Kemp & Sophia Kavanagh - 2nd
  • Amalia Gomez-Faramand & Caitlyn Morrissey - 3rd

Section 209 Year 5 Poem in Pairs

  • Isabelle Morrissey & Keira Nicholls - 3rd
  • Elizabeth Cross & Philippa Lilford - HC
  • Felicity Russell & Isabella Poole - HC

Section 68 Year 7 Music Theatre Performance Solo

  • Isabella Shelton - HC

Section 66 Year 9 Music Theatre Performance Solo

  • Lauren Baryla - 2nd

Section 210 Year 4 Poem in Pairs

  • Anastasia Hand & Isabella Poole - HC

Section 50 Years 10 to 12 Vocal Championships

  • Isabel Lanigan - 2nd 

Section 65 Year 10 Music Theatre Performance Solo

  • Isabel Lanigan - 1st

Section 75 Year 7 Contemporary Commercial Vocal Solo

  • Isabella Shelton - 1st

Section 80 Years 8 and 9 Contemporary Commercial Ballard Solo

  • Laura Hunt - 1st
  • Celine Dixon - HC

Section 78 Years 8 and 9 Rock Song Solo

  • Laura Hunt - 1st
  • Taylor Steinmuller - 2nd
  • Celine Dixon - 3rd
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Billets required

19 May 2017

The School has been asked if ten families could billet female students from the Birralee choir. They have requested we source families able to billet the girls in groups of two or three from 4:00pm Saturday 27  May until 11:00am Sunday 28 May.

If you are able to assist, we would be very grateful. Please contact Alicia Hawthorne in the PAC office on 07 4688 8816.

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Voices of the Trenches 27 and 28 May

19 May 2017

Members of Glennie’s Xpression and G Major choirs have been invited to participate in "Voices from the Trenches". This concert is a musical tribute to the First World War soldiers, not just those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in The Somme, France but also for the soldiers who returned home.

Presented by Brisbane’s Voices of Birralee, the festival will unite the community. School choirs will perform stunning music reflecting the WW1 era, with modern compositions. These will include a beautifully poignant and emotionally charged commissioned piece, ensuring the Anzac legacy is preserved.

This event will be run over the weekend of Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May. Sunday will conclude with a concert uniting Voices of Birralee, Toowoomba school choirs, and community choirs to honour our Anzacs. Tickets for the concert can be purchased through the Empire Theatre.

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Seeking New PASA President

19 May 2017

The Glennie School Performing Arts Supporters Association (PASA) is seeking a new President for the remainder of 2017.

PASA undertakes fundraising activities to assist in supporting the School's arts programs and students. This year PASA ran the BBQ at the Glennie Fair, a raffle at the Junior School Grandparents’ Day and, a sweet stall and raffle at the very successful High School Musical performances.

Upcoming events are already planned and include a social dinner for PASA members at Fitzy’s in Term 3, JazzFest, Morning Melodies and helping with the girls at July Eisteddfods.   

The President will be well supported by the Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-President and the active PASA members who always provide many helping hands at PASA events.

A Glennie School sub-committee is a fantastic way to contribute to an area of special interest for your daughter at the school.  

If you are interested in the PASA President role, please contact PASA.

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Toowoomba Eisteddfod

12 May 2017

Well done to all of the Glennie students who performed in the Choral Eisteddfod sections from Thursday to Sunday last week. Choirs from the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools competed, sometimes against each other in the same section. The standard of performance from all competitors was very high. The staff and students involved are to be commended for their professionalism and obvious passion that they have for choral singing. Well done to Miss Kann and Mrs Bravery for their outstanding conducting and to Mrs Evans and Mrs Gordon for their wonderful accompanying. Thanks to Mr Finlay and Mrs Kleidon for their co-ordination of the Junior choirs, Mrs Hawthorne for her organisation and to all of the staff that supervised across the weekend. It is evident from the excellent results below, and also from the sections where we didn’t place, that choral singing is alive and well at Glennie and that each choir should be proud of their high standard of performances.    

Toowoomba Eisteddfod July/August

Entries for the second part of the eisteddfod for Instrumental, Drama and Dance close very soon. If your daughter would like to participate in this part of the eisteddfod that occurs in July/August, entries close on Thursday 18 May. Students can enter via their instrumental teacher or to Mrs Hawthorne in the PAC office.


  • Primary School Spiritual Song or Gospel Choir; G Major Choir - 3rd
  • Primary School Modern Choir; G Major Choir - 3rd 
  • Primary School A Grade Choir, G Major Choir - 3rd 


  • Secondary School Choir; Senior Years Choir - 1st
  • Secondary School Vocal Ensemble;  Glennie Singers - 3rd 


  • Secondary School Hymn Singing Choir; Middle Years Choir - 3rd 
  • Secondary School Folk Singing Ensemble; Choral Group - 3rd  


  • Primary School Vocal Ensemble; G Major Arpeggios - 2nd 
  • Primary School Hymn Singing Choir; G Major Choir - 2nd 
  • Middle School Vocal Ensemble; Glennie Singers - 1st 
  • Middle School Choir; Middle Years Choir - 1st

Photos: G Minor Choir, G Major Choir

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State Honours Ensemble Program (Brisbane, September)

12 May 2017

Girls are reminded that nominations for the State Honours Ensemble Program, which will be held in Brisbane at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in October, close on Friday 19 May. Please contact the PAC Office for more details.

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Congratulations Colours award winners

5 May 2017

Congratulations to girls whose hard work in The Arts was rewarded when they were presented with their colours at assembly this week.

  • Alyssa Baker - Half Colours:  Speech and Drama, Year 8
  • Imogen Taylor - Half Colours:  Dance, Year 9
  • Jessica Rutledge - Half Colours:  Music, Year 10
  • Ellen de Jong - Half Colours:  Debating, Year 12
  • Lucinda Jensen - Half Colours:  Debating, Year 12
  • Lucinda Brodie – Full Colours with Honours:  Music, Year 12

Absent from photo: Lucinda Brodie.

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Toowoomba Show Arts prizes awarded

5 May 2017

It was another successful year for girls submitting artworks into the Heritage Toowoomba Royal Show. This week, Middle Years girls received copies of their artworks and prizes at Assembly.

Congratulations to all the girls from Junior, Middle and Senior Years who won prizes for their artworks at the Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show: 


  • Philippa Lilford


  • Kate Healy


  • Georgia Marsh


  • Hannah Stunden


  • Elle Middleton


  • Taleah McGrane


  • 1st Josie Wood
  • 2nd Annesley Morgan
  • 3rd Maggie Varley
  • Highly Commended – Mason Dixon
  • Highly Commended – Annabella Brown


  • Highly Commended – Jessica Archinal


  • 1st Naomi Fisher
  • 2nd Abbie Hill


  • 3rd Lucy Beard


  • 1st Giselle Statham
  • 2nd Gisele Hede
  • 3rd Grace Thomas


  • 1st Chloe Xin-Yi Chai
  • 2nd Elle Middleton
  • 3rd Amelia DeClark


  • 1st Emily Yevdokimov
  • 2nd Richa Vimal
  • 3rd Demi Hardgrave
  • Highly Commended – Zara Homar


  • 1st Sophie Nobbs


  • 1st Elle Middleton
  • 2nd Caitlin Morrissey
  • 3rd Ella Donovan
  • Highly Commended – Natalie Hockaday


  • 1st Disha Gowda
  • 2nd Emily Yevdokimov


  • 1st Darcy Vaschina
  • 2nd Meg Roper
  • Highly Commended – Disha Gowda


  • 1st Alliah Oats
  • Highly Commended – Sophie Nobbs
  • Highly Commended – Emily Miller
  • Highly Commended – Emily Statham


  • 2nd Charlotte Foran


  • Highly Commended – Mashal Imam
  • Highly Commended – Isabelle Morrissey


  • 1st Addyson Jones
  • 2nd Freya Statham
  • 3rd Philippa Lilford
  • Highly Commended – Xanthe Schubert
  • Highly Commended – Aishani Kumar


  • 1st Kate Roper
  • 3rd Charlotte Townsing
  • 4th Isabella Jones


  • 1st Sabana Duncan
  • 2nd Dulini Dewage
  • 3rd Holly Smith


  • 1st Jayde Pearson
  • 2nd Isabelle Morrissey


  • 1st Isabelle Morrissey
  • 2nd Bethany Casey
  • 3rd Elizabeth Cross


  • 1st Philippa Lilford
  • 2nd Claire Doyle
  • 3rd Kelsey-Rae Terry
  • 4th Cara Cronje
  • Highly Commended – Maya Powell
  • Highly Commended – Keira Nicholls
  • Highly Commended – Charlotte Townsing


  • 1st Aalia Magzub-Colvin
  • 2nd Sophie Fawckner
  • Highly Commended – Charlotte Foran
  • Highly Commended – Philippa Lilford


  • 1st Mia Brown
  • 3rd Meghan Whiteside
  • 4th Bianca Markham


  • 1st Kate Healy
  • 2nd Mia Van de Merwe
  • 3rd Emma Anderson
  • 4th Prisha Gupte
  • Highly Commended – Jessica Tann
  • Highly Commended – Amelie Clifford
  • Highly Commended – Arianne Oliveros
  • Highly Commended – Holly Lareman


  • 1st Chloe Gotze
  • 2nd Rheanca Lincoln
  • 3rd Kristen Davies


  • 1st Hannah Stunden
  • 3rd Emerson Jones


  • 1st Ella Baker


  • 1st Sidney Cochrane


  • 1st Emily Webster
  • 2nd Anli Morgan
  • 3rd Lauren Ryan


  • 1st Taleah McGrane
  • 2nd Alyssa Baker
  • 3rd Alex McDonald
  • Highly Commended – Hayley Bell
  • Highly Commended – Taylah Stanley


  • 1st Brittney Nicholson
  • 2nd Brittney Nicholson
  • 3rd Lauren Hopgood


  • 1st Georgia Marsh
  • 3rd Angela Sharp
  • 4th Josie Fawckner
  • Highly Commended – Paige Caldwell
  • Highly Commended – McKoy Loomis


  • 1st Caitlin Scarlett

Absent from Middle and Senior Years photos:  McKoy Loomis and Josie Fawckner

Original artworks will be on display in the Assembly Hall for all the enjoy.  Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Go Wildcats!

28 April 2017

Go Wildcats! This pop culture icon High School Musical is set at East High School in America and has something to offer for everyone! Young love, sporting greatness and academic excellence all wrapped up in this musical about putting on a musical!

Well done to all involved in The Glennie School’s production of High School Musical! The season soon sold out with four energetic shows at The Empire’s Armitage Centre Auditorium last weekend.  Without a ticket to spare, we were the hottest gig in town! The production involved over 100 girls (and a few boys) in the cast and crew and allowed us to feel like “We’re all in this Together!”

Thanks must go to the wonderful Stage Director and Designer Miss Andreas Elms for her colourful and vibrant vision of life at East High; Music Director Mrs Wendy Evans for her brilliant conducting and ensemble work and to the Choreographer Mrs Lauren Budden for the lively and animated dance moves!

With another two years until the next Middle and Senior Years musical we will all be “Breaking Free” whilst “Counting on You” as you “Get’cha Head in the Game!”

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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Celebrating Dance at Glennie

28 April 2017

The recent introduction of Dance units in the curriculum are proving popular with girls at Glennie. In this Year of Possibility, girls are embracing the opportunity to showcase skills learned and perform at Middle Years Assembly. In this video, Year 8 girls perform Hip Hop.

Year 9 girls are investigating choreography, performance and appreciation in the All that Jazz – Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance unit at Glennie. We would like to share with you now a performance choreographed by Mrs Budden where the girls were assessed on their technical skills and abilities in musicality, flexibility and facial expression. The girls will be working on their own choreography during Term 2:  


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28 April 2017

The Toowoomba Eisteddfod begins next week. This section of the Eisteddfod focusses on Choral, Vocal, Piano, Speech & Drama Groups and Solo Dance. Details of ensemble rehearsals, meal arrangements (if applicable) and performances have been sent to parents.

We wish all of the students and their conductors all of the very best for all of the sections that they enter.

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State Honours Ensemble Program (Brisbane, September)

28 April 2017

Today we received news that the State Honours Ensemble Program (not to be confused with the regional SHEP being held here at Glennie on19 May) will be held in Brisbane at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music from Thursday 28 September to Sunday 1 October 2017.

This is an auspicious event for student musicians that offers opportunities to rehearse and perform with gifted and talented musicians from around Queensland under the tutelage of recognised industry professionals.

Nominations for this event close on Friday 19 May. Please contact the PAC Office for more details.

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High School Musical - Sold Out

20 April 2017

The rehearsals are over and the day has come, it’s High School Musical time! The fact that the cast will be performing to a completely sold out theatre has added to the excitement. The cast, crew, band, and a huge team of parent and teacher helpers have made this show possible. We hope everyone enjoys the performances.

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20 April 2017

On the first weekend of the holidays, Mrs Budden and some of our Year 9 Dance students attended a matinee performance of Wicked at The Empire Theatre.

The girls are currently studying dance in the musical theatre context so this was an excellent activity to complement their studies. The viewing of live performances is culturally enriching and invaluable to students of the Arts. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the show and were left feeling inspired to continue working on their own choreography tasks.

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High School Musical

29 March 2017

This week the cast of the musical spent the day at the Armitage Centre busy preparing for their upcoming performances of High School Musical.  With the Saturday night performance now sold out, we encourage you to get your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Performances are:

  • Friday 21 April, 7:00pm
  • Saturday 22 April, 2:00pm and 7:00pm 
  • Sunday 23 April, 2:00pm

Tickets for adults cost $25; students and concessions cost $15 and can be purchased via t the Empire Theatre website or by phone: 1300 655 299

Don’t miss out, get your tickets today!

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Year 7B Potters

29 March 2017

In Visual Art this week, students of 7B had the opportunity to "throw a pot" on the pottery wheel in the art room. Whilst some had success, others found the clay won the round at the end of the session!

Click here for a photo gallery

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High School Musical - tickets on sale NOW!

24 March 2017

The cast of 102 students are excited to be presenting this popular musical to the community and tickets are selling fast. There are only 18 seats left for the Saturday night production.

Performances are:

  • Friday 21 April, 7:00pm, 
  • Saturday 22  April, 2:00pm and 7:00pm  
  • Sunday 23 April, 2:00pm

Tickets for adults cost $25; students and concessions cost $15 and can be purchased via t the Empire Theatre website: http://www.empiretheatre.com.au/event/395/high-school-musical or by phone: 1300 655 299

Don’t miss out, get your tickets today!

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Miss Kann’s Choir

17 March 2017

Glennie Music teacher Miss Emma Kann will be performing in an upcoming choral concert in Toowoomba, Path of Miracles by Brisbane based choir Fusion. Miss Kann says “I have been fortunate enough to be a part of it for two years now, it has challenged me as a singer and made me a better conductor for some of the Glennie choirs. This is our first time performing solo in Toowoomba, and we would love to have a big audience, so please share this event with anyone you think might be interested!”

Fusion is a Brisbane-based ensemble, and they have performed at the Brisbane Contemporary Church Music Festival, state and national conferences for the Australian National Choral Association, and in 2014 travelled to South Korea for the 10th World Symposium on Choral Music. Fusion’s repertoire consists primarily of choral art music, mostly unaccompanied, with a focus on contemporary works by composers from around the world. They also perform some Renaissance and Baroque repertoire, but in all programming, they actively look for interesting music that is not often performed in this part of the world.

Fusion's next season will feature the stunning Path of Miracles by contemporary British composer Joby Talbot, taking listeners on a journey through northern Spain and four of the staging posts along the Camino trail: Roncesvalles, Burgos, Léon, and Santiago. This pilgrimage route, walked annually by over 200,000 people from all over the world, traces the footsteps of St James, the first Christian martyr and one of Jesus's disciples.

Talbot's beautiful music, set for 17-part SATB choir and crotales (a bell-like percussion instrument) weaves together expressive vocal writing with text by Robert Dickinson.

Don't miss this intriguing, moving, exciting, and contemplative work in its first ever Queensland performances on Saturday 25 March, 7:00pm at St Luke's Anglican Church, Toowoomba and on Saturday 1 April, 7:00pm, St John's Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane

Go to fusionvocaensemble.org for booking details.  

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Angela Davis Workshop

17 March 2017

This week, Glennie Old Girl, Angela Davis, returned to run workshops with our musicians in Concert Band, Youth Jazz and Big Band, as well as give some private lessons to girls playing saxophones.  

Girls gained a great deal of insight into their repertoire and learnt new tricks and tips on how to play stylistically and how to practice more effectively.  Angela Davis is currently lecturer at the James Morrison academy of Jazz in Mt Gambier, previously performing and recording professionally in New York.

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High School Musical

17 March 2017

The cast is gearing up for the final weeks of rehearsal before taking to the stage in Glennie's musical, High School Musical, at the Armitage Centre (Heritage Bank Auditorium) in the first week of Term 2.

Tickets will be available from next Tuesday at the Empire Theatre box office.

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Darling Downs SHEP

10 March 2017

This week, first round offers were sent to Glennie girls nominated for the inaugural State Honours Ensemble Program (Darling Downs). In total, 60 Glennie girls received a position for this program in May. Glennie is proud to be hosting the three-day workshops from 19 to 21 May, which culminates into a public performance at the end of the weekend.

National and international musicians and conductors will be working with the students from across the region to perfect the art of their instrument and their ability to perform together.

Students are encouraged to complete the required paperwork as soon as possible.

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A Flying Start

10 March 2017

Year 4 Instrumental Program is off to a flying start this year. The girls are discovering the joys and challenges of the entire range of orchestral instruments. As we look towards next term, the girls will be encouraged to keep developing these new skills in preparation for their first public concert for parents and friends. This will take place in the Assembly Hall at the end of Term 2.

Click here for a photo gallery

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