Solve a Mystery these School Holidays

13 September 2017

Thursday 14 September - Monday 2 October, 9:30am - 3.00pm daily

Join in the family fun activities at the Cobb & Co Museum these holidays. Follow the clues around the Museum on a self-guided trail to help solve the case of the disappearing Northern Quoll.

Become an Environmental Forensic Scientist - find the clues, complete the activities, and eliminate the suspects on this self-guided trail to solve the mystery.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

13 September 2017

Years 7 to 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews will be conducted on Tuesday 3 October  2017 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Monday 9 October from 3.30 pm - 6.00 pm.

Please feel free to book a timeslot with as many of your daughter’s teachers as you wish whether the teacher has requested an interview or not. If your daughter has the same teacher for two or more subjects, a maximum of two timeslots can be booked for that teacher.

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Use this link to book interviews

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Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

13 September 2017

I am very excited to announce a new course that is available for Year 11 2018. This course is a two year course, undertaken through CQ University during Year 11 and 12. This is a great opportunity for those girls interested in working in the Health industry. As a Certificate III qualification, students will receive 8 QCE points on completion and will also obtain a ranking which may help them get into some universities.  

Below are some details about this course:

  • The theory component of this course is completed online.
  • 80 hours of work placement in an acute care setting are required. CQU will arrange these placements.
  • There is a two-day compulsory workshop prior to placements. At present this workshop is held in Noosa, however if there are a number of girls from our school, CQU may consider coming to Toowoomba for this. 
  • The cost is $3450 (current price) and this can be paid off over two years.

Here is an information link for this course. Please contact me if you would like further details.

Mrs Belinda Paul
VET Co-ordinator

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Year 10 2018 / Year 12 2020 Parent Information Evening

13 September 2017

Monday 9 October
6:30 – 8:30pm
The Glennie Room

The School warmly invites current Year 9 Parents and Guardians to a Year 10 2018 / Year 12 2020 Parent Information Evening on Monday 9 October.

The evening will incorporate:

  1. The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) “Parents’ Power Hour”
    This session will cover a range of topics relevant to the ATAR conversion in 2020 including eligibility, pathways, inter subject scaling, subject choices and MYPATH - the new QTAC tool designed to assist students and schools in study planning.
  2. A presentation by the Head and Deputy Head of Senior Years
    This session will outline the changes that will occur at Glennie in Year 10 2018 to pave the way for an effective implementation of the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) System

 As the information evening directly follows Parent Teacher Interviews, light refreshments will be available.

 We look forward to seeing you there.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Head of Senior Years

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Change of Venue for Afternoon Sport

13 September 2017

In Term 4, due to the refurbishment of the Glennie track, Year 5 and 6 Wednesday afternoon Sport training will commence in Week 4 (Wednesday 25 October). If your daughter is in an Andrew's Cup team, this training will commence in week one at an alternate venue.

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A Message from Mrs Cohen

8 September 2017

Yesterday I had a talk to our Year 8 cohort about the Vision, Mission and Values of the Glennie school. We have had this Vision and Mission for a number of years now and refer to them both regularly when making decisions, doing future planning or just going about the daily business of school.

The four values referred to have been decided upon through conversations with parents and students and formal staff working groups. These (along with the Vision and Mission statement) have underpinned all discussions and meetings relating to our new Strategic Plan for 2018 - 2020. This will be launched later this year.

To develop in each Glennie girl the intellectual, physical and spiritual potential to be All She Can Be® Glennie girls are to be educated to the highest standards of which they are capable. In addition, Glennie girls are to be given the opportunities to

develop their sporting and cultural talents through a rich, diverse and relevant co-curricular program. By achieving an understanding of their own spiritual

dimension, Glennie girls will make a positive contribution to the world with a sense of their own worth and character in addition to a well-developed sense of citizenship.

As well-skilled, well-rounded and well-grounded young people of excellent character, integrity and poise, Glennie girls will be able to be all they can be.

As a community where tomorrow’s women learn, our mission is to provide girls with dynamic opportunities in education, training and personal growth which

develop their individual potential and prepare them for life. We shall incorporate traditional values within a caring, Christian environment, together with the best contemporary teaching methods and learning Experiences.


Integrity We are truthful and sincere. We ensure consistency between what we say and what we do, as well as between what we believe and how we behave.

Respect We respect ourselves and treat others with courtesy, dignity and positive regard. We honour the rights of others. We respect our school, the environment and the world around us.

Compassion We are sensitive to the needs of each individual. We support and nurture those less fortunate than ourselves. We treat each other as we wish to be treated

Courage We continue to strive to improve as individuals and we remain positive, resilient and forward-thinking, despite adversity or challenge. We know that perseverance, effort and a growth mindset can help us as individuals and as members of a team, for the benefit of ourselves and our community.

Mrs Kim Cohen

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A Message from the Head of Junior Years

8 September 2017

This week in the Junior Years we saw the culmination of our annual Bookweek celebrations with a wonderful parade of colourful characters from the children’s favourite books, a carefully crafted dramatisation entwining characters and stories from this year’s shortlisted books, and last week, an evening of bedtime storytelling with Mrs Cohen, Mrs Suhr and Mrs Miegel.

These events assist us to focus on the importance of books and reading and the enjoyment that can be gained from these stories. I still remember vividly my own childhood and having bedtime stories read to me and how I looked forward to this most evenings. My father also used to make up stories which were told with such descriptive language that I can still recall some with fondness over fifty years later.

The Scholastic (2015). ‘Kids & Family Reading Report: 5th Edition.’ New York: NY looked at reading at home. It also has tips for us in the classroom, too.

According to the report, ‘more than half of children aged 0-5 (54%) are read aloud to at home five to seven days a week. This declines to only one in three children ages 6-8 (34%) and one in six children ages 9–11 (17%). When it comes to being read aloud to at home … [83 per cent of children across the age groups] say they love/d or like/d it a lot.’

The report found that over 90% of parents started reading to their children before the age of six. Of those, 80% said they did it because they wanted their child to enjoy books.

Twenty-three per cent of parents said they stopped reading books aloud to their children before the age of nine, the reasons being: ‘My child was old enough to read on his/her own’ (75%); ‘My child wanted to read independently’ (58%); and ‘I wanted to promote independent reading’ (49%).

According to discussions with most children, they don’t want their parents to stop reading to them altogether, even if they are independent readers. This, they see as a special time just to be with mum or dad (78%). Most also said that reading together is fun and that they can read books that perhaps are too difficult to read alone. Nearly 35% also said they loved to hear different voices and also talk about the story being read.

So, even though you may feel exhausted at night the more you read with them, the more they will read alone and the better readers they will become over time, which will have a positive impact on their overall success in school.

Some interesting reading statistics on four different children:

  • Jane reads for 1 minute a day- that’s 180 minutes per school year and 8000 words approximately.
  • Caitlin reads for 5 minutes a day - that’s 900 minutes per school year and 282 000 words approximately.
  • Sue reads for 10 minutes a day - that’s 1800 minutes per school year and 564 000 words approximately
  • Simone reads for 20 minutes a day- that’s 3600 minutes per school year and 1 800 000 words approximately.

If this starts in Kindergarten and goes on to Year Six:

  • Jane will have read for  the equivalent of 3 school days
  • Caitlin will have read for the equivalent of 12 School days
  • Sue will have read for the equivalent of 24 school days
  • Simone will have read for the equivalent of 60 school days- two extra months!!

Source: William Nagy and Patricia Herman 1987 University of Illinois  ‘Why read 20 minutes at home?’

Happy reading! It’s worth it!!

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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Book Week Celebrations

8 September 2017

The Junior Years ‘Escape to Everywhere’ Book Week celebrations featured all of our usual highlights, such as the parade, the Book Clue Hunt and barbecue lunch. Thank you, parents, for assisting the girls with their wonderful costumes.  Our Library Monitors and extra Year 6 helpers played an important role in organising creative activities for all classes. This special day concluded with a performance of ‘Super Duper’ by Echelon Productions.

“Did you know Book Day is my favourite part of the year?  I mark it in my home and school diary before it even starts!  You can never know what other people will dress up as. Book Day is the best day ever!  It’s better than every other school day!” Charlotte Tranter Year 3

“Book Day was officially the best day ever!” Alliah Oats Year 3

“I loved the parade, it was so much fun. It was great when the teachers danced the conga - they looked fantastic.” Jinaan Abu Al-Hassan Year 3

Click here to view the photo gallery.

Contributed by Mrs Marie Miegel, Junior Years Teacher Librarian


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Year 4 wordsmiths take on the nation

8 September 2017

Glennie Junior Years girls have extended their literary knowledge in the LiteracyPlanet Word Mania 2017 competition with outstanding results.  Word Mania is a free online competition for schools that challenges students to build as many words as they can in three minutes.

After three competitive rounds, over 40 Year 4 girls are celebrating a first place win in the region and an amazing 4th place in Australia.  To achieve this, they explored how they could improve their scores by expanding the length of base words by adding prefixes and suffixes.  They also built words based on vowel patterns and creating plurals.

Also celebrating scores in the top 30 nationally are the girls from Years 2 and 3.  In the spirit of the competition, these girls proactively created opportunities for all the girls to participate in the competition during and after school.

“Word Mania has been a very positive experience for our girls. Word Mania allowed our cohort to work together as a team. It has been wonderful for them to share this success together. We are very proud of their efforts and team approach” said Mrs Jaye Griffiths, Junior Years Glennie Teacher.

Word Mania continues to be a popular online learning forum challenging the girls to improve their literary skills.

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8 September 2017

I am delighted to report that Toowoomba Grammar School Army Cadet Unit are the proud winners for the third year running of the Darling Downs Tri-Service Brymaroo Challenge, a military skills competition facilitated by Army Aviation Training Centre, at Swartz Barracks, Oakey.  The purpose of this activity is to encourage local cadet units (Navy, Army and Air Force), to improve their skills by conducting challenging activities in a competitive environment whilst fostering good relationships between AAvnTC and local communities and organisations. The team from the Unit consisted of 14 Cadets from Grades 8-12 who participated in a WTSS shoot, observation lane, tent construction, drill competition, obstacle course, basic first aid activity and general knowledge quiz. The team won the Drill Shield and the General Knowledge Shield and if not placed first in all other competitions we were in the top 3 placings.

On 25 August we also conducted our annual water test and floatation activity at the Toowoomba Grammar School Aquatic Centre. Despite a number of absences due to the flu season, over sixty cadets participated. This test is required for next term’s bivouac which is to take place at the Emu Gully Outdoor Education Centre at Helidon where the cadets will participate in some water activities. Our training program is nearly completed and we have only four more home training, before our Annual March Out Parade which is to be held on Thursday 26 October at 0900 hours. This is to be a significant parade as this will be part of our 125th Anniversary celebrations. We are honoured that the Australian Army Cadets have allowed us to parade with the Corps Banner. The Duke of Edinburgh Banner was originally presented to the Corp by His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh in Sydney on 2 May 1970. The current banner was presented by the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Major General Michael Jeffery, AC CVO MC on 24 September 2005. The banner can only be carried on parades and guards of honour which are representative of the Corps and approved by the Chief of AAC.

This holiday, fifty-three cadets and two staff will attend the Brigade Annual Camp. The first week of the holidays is for Tier 1 and 2 and will be held at Greenbank Military Training Area south of Brisbane. The second week of the holiday, three cadets and one staff member will do Tier 3 at Canungra Military Training Area.

Contributed by Ann Hallam, TGS Cadet Co-ordinator

The photo gallery includes Glennie cadets testing their skills.

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SRC supports Children with Cancer

8 September 2017

The Junior Years and Kindy children wore their sport uniform with added yellow accessories to support the Student Representative Council’s fundraiser for Children with Cancer. There was a visit from Benny the Bee, raffles, a scavenger hunt and there were bookmarks for all.

We raised $618 and the SRC girls are most grateful to everyone for supporting them.

Contributed by Mrs Brenda Suhr

Click here to view the photo gallery

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Morning Callisthenics

8 September 2017

Physical well-being has always been a priority for students at Glennie. This piece from the very first ‘Glennie Gazette’ in November 1909 describes how this was achieved. School was conducted in a large house, ‘St Alban’s’ in Russell Street while they awaited the construction of new building we are now so familiar with.

10.20am and the well-known bell is summoning all classes to drill in our paddock. Girls are running everywhere, putting away books and seizing dumb-bells and clubs needed for the arduous ten minutes which follow.

There are four divisions, each of which has a special day for dumb-bells, clubs, free exercises and walking. At all times the field is a laughable sight, one division is swinging clubs, another enjoying the click-click of dumb-bells, another vainly endeavouring to walk properly, and another going through a series of free exercises. On Wednesday the whole school may be seen marching in different directions to the tune of “Left, Right, Left,” from the quartette of mistresses.

The D division is most amusing, for in it are new girls, big girls, little girls and girls with round shoulders, all of whom have about the same lack of ability for callisthenics. The girls are arranged according to height, so at the bottom of the line we have our III Form babes. One stands feet apart trying to keep on a hat, which has grown too small for her head, and to wield dumb-bells at the same time. Another is in the land of dreams until it is time for her to touch the ground without bending her knees. A newcomer wept most copiously when it was suggested that she should drill. After several days’ persuasion, she consented to join the ranks and now works most earnestly. Last of all is a mite whose very microscopic dimensions do not prevent her from working as well as any girl in the school.

When drill is over the girls line up on either side of the gate and form a guard of honour through which the mistresses walk. All disperse in different directions to “refresh” themselves before school begins again.

Compiled by Mrs Noeleen Fleming, Glennie Archivist

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Circus Soiree

8 September 2017

We hope to see lots of families this Saturday afternoon from 4:00pm at the Junior Years Fundraiser Circus Soiree in the Assembly Hall. This promises, as always, to be a great event.

Please join us and support this to raise funds for the new entrance to the Junior Years. Online ticket sales have closed but there will be tickets available at the gate.


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SRC Visits Adopted Grandparents

8 September 2017

The Junior Years girls in the Student Representative Council visited our adopted ‘grandparents at the Glenvale Villas this week. We were really looking forward to this because we had needed to cancel the last two visits due to illness. We were treated to cupcakes for afternoon tea and we played Bingo with our grandparents. We have so much fun, it doesn’t feel like community service!

Contributed by Janithya Dharmawardhane (6B) and Koojitha Dhanankula (6G)

Click here for a photo gallery

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It’s good to be negative!

8 September 2017

Calling all O negative blood types! The Australian Red Cross Blood Service hasn’t needed you this much in five years. The cold and flu season hit them hard this year and they urgently need another 3,000 O negative donors in the next two weeks.  

Glennie Club Red currently has a tally of 130 donations. You can add to our target tally of 200 donations in 2017 and you will help save lives. Just let the ladies at the Red Cross know you are donating for Glennie and your donation will count in more ways than one.

Glennie proudly supports everything the Red Cross does, and you can too by making an appointment. Call 13 14 95 or visit the website

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Colour Run Sponsors

8 September 2017

We are pleased to add a further two sponsors to our list of businesses who have supported the Colour Run.

Thank you to

They join our other sponsors and we appreciate their support

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Women in Physics

8 September 2017

This term Year 11 and 12 Physics students had the opportunity to attend The Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics Lecture Tour, held at the University of Southern Queensland. This tour celebrates the contribution of women to advances in physics.

Highly-regarded cosmologist and theoretical astrophysicist Dr Kate Mack presented the talk on 'A Tour of the Universe (and Selected Cosmic Mysteries)'.  Students were taken on a fascinating journey into the mysteries of the universe. Fundamental cosmology questions such as; What else is out there, and how are we figuring it out? What puzzles wait to be solved? What is dark matter, dark energy, black holes, or the ultimate fate of the Universe were delve into?

Dr Kate Mack has been a researcher at Caltech, Princeton, Cambridge, and now Melbourne University. She has studied dark matter, black holes, cosmic strings, and the formation of the first galaxies in the Universe. Katie is also an active science communicator and is passionate about science outreach. As a science writer, she has been published by Slate, Sky & Telescope,, and other popular publications, and has been a columnist for Cosmos Magazine.

Students found the lecture very informative and thought-provoking. They were especially interested in Kate’s experience and how she had progressed in the world of Astrophysics. The content was very relevant all girls as they study Space and Time in Term 3 of Year 12. It was a good precursor to the Year 12 girls’ research assignment for this term.

Contributed by Mrs Leanne Klein

Read more in the USQ article.

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esmart Week

8 September 2017

During our Junior Years House Meetings this week our activity focussed on eSmart Week. The girls discussed several scenarios and decided on good choices to demonstrate the smart, safe and responsible use of technology.

eSmart Week is all about how we manage this changing world together – as a community. We owe it to young children to work together to show them how technology can be a positive and beneficial influence on our lives. Let’s remove the fear mongering, and start getting proactive and supporting even the youngest members of our society to be confident and respectful citizens in all aspects of the digital and non-digital lives.

Five Tips for Cyber Families

  • No technology in bedrooms (for parents and children)
  • Set up technology free times or days for the whole family and focus on engaging with each other
  • Share your technology. Parents and children should play games and apps together. Make technology a social and shared space.
  • Negotiate screen time with your children. Even young children – talk about not just how long, but what type of activity a child will be doing while engaging with TV, phone, tablet or computer.
  • Parents must model the behaviours they want their children to have. Don’t stare at your phone all day in the presence of your child.
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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

8 September 2017

Did you spot these stories in the Media?

If you spot a story about a current Glennie girl or Glennie Old Girl in the media, we would appreciate your sharing of the story with us. Kindly forward the story via email to

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This Week in Boarding

8 September 2017

I recently discovered that a former boarder of mine is now a member of the MLA in Canberra. She was a bright, funny, capable young woman who at the age of thirty has recently made the leap to politics. There can be a misconception that boarding is detrimental to future professional and personal development, but in reality, the opposite is true. This girl was Dux of her school, in addition to being a delightful person with a strong social conscience.

Boarders become independent at quite a young age; they usually develop great confidence plus many boarding schools offer academic support. Having been a Head of Boarding for many years I have watched with interest the paths boarders in our care have taken. I became fairly fearless at a young age because I was also a practising artist organising exhibitions for myself and I needed to become confident, organised and self-sufficient. Being self-sufficient was essential because nobody other than me was prepared to fund my ventures! This was the profession I had chosen and nothing was going to get in the way; gender was a non-issue and this resilience is something I hope to encourage in others.

Boarders I have known have gone on to do the following. Some have worked in the rural industry and many have combined careers with parenthood. There are nurses, midwives, journalists, teachers, chefs and a variety of hospitality workers, travel consultants, cultural workers, dentists,  personal trainers, managers, administrators and paramedics. Others I am aware of include an associate professor, an actuary, lawyers, doctors, scientists, an apiarist, vets, retail workers, pilots including an airline pilot and at least one politician that I now know of.

I believe that boarding increases confidence, invincibility and enhances life journeys; some former boarders have even become boarding supervisors. There are women who are highly successful people without being academics, and some have discovered their calling a bit later on. The mother of a boarder who arrived at Glennie as a disengaged and bored Year 9 girl some years ago recently wrote to let me know how well her daughter was doing, and how she had benefited from the whole Glennie experience. Both mother and daughter have stated that this was a great, if temporarily unpopular decision.

There was a wonderful girl at my last school who found academic studies challenging, but her parents had sent her to boarding school because they wanted something better for her than being in a very small town with limited opportunities. She worked in retail to support herself following Year 12; she was sensible with her money and funded her own dreams.  I maintained contact with this girl and her proud parents. A trucking license was her aim, and she found a good job in mining, driving heavy transport. I consider her a great success story as she, like the now politician, was confident and driven. They are empowered women with a strong sense of self-worth.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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Australian Chamber Orchestra

8 September 2017

Glennie girls made up one-third of the workshop participants this week when they had the opportunity to work with members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. The girls workshopped two pieces, culminating in a performance for parents and friends at the end of the session. Girls received some great feedback on their playing, as well as tips on improvements.  

Contributed by Mrs Sharon Gilbert

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Combined Performance

8 September 2017

This week, our Junior Years Orchestra combined with Toowoomba Grammar School’s Junior Orchestra for a day of rehearsals culminating in an impressive performance. The experience proved so successful we hope to make in an annual event! Well done to everyone involved.

We were also mentioned in The Chronicle, click here for more details.

Click here for a photo gallery

Contributed by Mr Jacob Finlay

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Netball wins

8 September 2017

Three Glennie Netball teams won their Grand Final on Saturday. 12 Years Blue, 13 Years Red and 16 Years Purple. The 12 Years Blue and 16 Years Purple team both went through the season undefeated.

The Junior Vicki Wilson team also won the Junior Vicki Wilson Darling Downs Cup on Sunday. They went through the entire day undefeated and won the Grand Final by three points.

Contributed by Mrs Tanya Draheim

Photo credits: Tanya Draheim, Jolene Healy

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Busy Times for Hockey Players

8 September 2017

Hockey Awards

Last Saturday night the Toowoomba Hockey Association held their annual awards dinner. Congratulations to the following girls on their outstanding achievements.

Peppa Carter was named Toowoomba Under 13 Girls Team 1 Player of the Year.

  • Ella White was Runner-up to Player of the Year in the Toowoomba Under 15 Girls Team 1, Runner-up to Player of the Year in the Toowoomba U15 Girls Indoor Team 1, Runner-up to Player of the Year in the Toowoomba U18 Girls Team 1, and Runner-up Clive Berghofer Female Player of the Year.
  • Molly White was named Runner-up Toowoomba U18 Girls Team 2 Player of the Year.

This Saturday, Molly and Ella will both be representing their club in the A1 and A2 Women's Grand Finals.

In the first week of the school holidays, Ella White and Peppa Carter will be competing at the State U15 Hockey Championships to be held in Ipswich. Peppa will then travel to Perth for two weeks to compete in the Australian U13 Championships. Good luck, girls!

Grand finals

The Junior Hockey Grand Finals were held last Saturday at Clyde Park. Congratulations to the following Glennie girls who gave it their all in the competition.

  • In the Under 11 Girls competition, Caleiah Budd’s Norths team and Bianca Markham and Keira Nicholls’ Red Lions team drew in the Grand Final. Both teams were named joint Premiers.
  • In the Under 13 Girls competition, Peppa and Jazelle Carter (Norths) were Runners-Up in the Final after a penalty shoot out against Newtown. Olivia Bourke was in the winning Newtown team.
  • In the J2 Girls competition, Paige Corke, Ellen Gall and Erin Geddes (Norths) won the J2 Grand Final after beating Red Lions in a penalty shoot out.

Great effort girls, well done.

Contributed by Mrs Susie White

Pictured are Molly White, Peppa Carter and Ella White

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Darling Downs Athletics

8 September 2017

Last Thursday and Friday, Glennie athletes travelled to Warwick for the annual Darling Downs Athletics Trials. Keeping with recent success at TSSS Athletics, the girls performed very well. The majority of girls qualified to represent the Darling Downs at the State Championships to be held early next term. There were a number of great performances across the two days including:

  • Anthea Moodie broke the Senior High Jump record. This record had stood for 31 years! The old record was set on the same date that Anthea's coach Rod Franke set the Senior Boys record. The record books now show that the master and the apprentice hold records at the same time!
  • Taleah McGrane won all four events she entered - a fantastic effort.
  • Chenille Nona-Yellub had never used blocks before this year and was running in joggers, but this didn't stop her from running the fourth fastest time in the 13 Years 100m. An outstanding effort.
  • A number of girls qualified for multiple awards including Anthea (5), Taleah (4), Emily Baartz (4), Charlotte Lindemann (4).
  • Shona Davidson ran personal best times in both the 100m and 200m. A great achievement on grass.

Thanks to Tanya Draheim, Lisa Cooper and Stacie Broom for their assistance across the two days. Thanks also to the large number of parents who attended and to our amazing coaches, Rod Franke and Tim Davies. Good luck to all girls who qualified for State Championships and to those of you representing Glennie at the Schools Knockout this weekend in Brisbane.

Contributed by Mr Brad Griffiths

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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