A Message from Mrs Cohen

14 September 2017

At the end of another busy term and three-quarters of the way through the year, it is the time to thank and farewell some members of staff and students.

Mr Greg Sellars has been teaching a few of Mrs Waters’ maths classes in her absence during Term 3 and we thank him for his contribution.

Two teachers will be leaving us for a period of time as they go off to have babies; with best wishes and lots of love we say farewell for now to Ms Peta Vincent and Mrs Patricia Barbancon. Their classes will be picked up by Ms Fran Lelion (Mrs Barbancon), who joins us from France and Mr Peter Klein (Ms Vincent), who has done a lot of relief teaching at Glennie throughout the year. Ms Lelion is qualified to teach French, English and Social Sciences; she has experience both here and abroad. Mr Klein’s qualifications lie in the areas of Geography, the Humanities and Physical Education.

Mrs Pauline Gehrmann will enjoy a relaxing break in Term 4, as she heads off on Long Service Leave. Miss Leanne Mitchell will take up the position of Acting Head of Department - MY Social Sciences and Business.

Mrs Fransisca De Jager is retiring from teaching as she joins her husband on a macadamia farm they have purchased near Ballina. They are both very excited to be returning to the land after many years and we wish them well as they take on this exciting endeavour. I know that Mrs De Jager will be greatly missed by the many students that she has taught and mentored during her time here, but I have no doubt that she will pop in to say hello when she is in the area. Her classes will be picked up by Ms Stephanie Fox who is a Home Economics teacher with a specialty in Textiles.

Next term, we welcome back Mrs Cathy Waters, Mrs Sue Contarini and Mrs Kathy O’Brien after their Long Service Leave. We trust that they return well rested and re-inspired!

I would like to thank all the teachers who have picked up classes in their absence and Mrs Kaye Broadfoot who has been Acting Head of Webber House for Term 3 and now needs to change her colours to head Tufnell House for Term 4 and Term 1 2018.

To the handful of students and families who are leaving Glennie at the end of the term, I wish you well and may God keep you in the palm of his hand. You will be missed, and I hope that wherever you go you find love, happiness and support and take a little bit of The Glennie soul with you.

For all our Glennie community, go safely wherever you may be:

God of all, as we prepare to leave this place and journey home, we pray that you may watch over us and fill our lives with your Spirit. As we rest, may we not rest in developing our relationship with you.

As we enjoy our many blessings may we develop a keen awareness of our role in this world as peacemakers and blessing bearers.

Open our minds, our hearts and our souls to you as we spend time in relaxation and personal space. May we return refreshed and filled with a renewed vision for our lives here. Amen

Mrs Kim Cohen

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A Message from the Head of Senior Years

14 September 2017

As we move towards the end of term, I would like to share some snippets from an article by parenting expert Michael Grose titled True GRIT helps kids succeed. In the article, Grose argues developing character is just as important to a child’s future success as building academic skills. Grose writes:

“Talent or persistence. Which would you choose for your child?

I often ask this question at my parenting seminars and the responses are fascinating. Parents naturally want both. Sorry, but that’s not an option.

When pushed, most parents choose talent over persistence which, in many ways, reflects the current thinking around achievement. Intelligence, sporting prowess and ability, in whatever it is we value, will only get a child or young person so far. Talent is purely potential. They need more than this to achieve sustained excellence in anything they do.

Character matters

Many recent studies (most notably the work of US-based Angela Duckworth) have found that character, not cognitive ability, is the single most reliable determinant of how a person’s life will turn out. These traits include the inclination to persist at a boring task (grit); the ability to delay gratification (self-control); and the tendency to follow through with a plan (conscientiousness), which are invaluable traits at school, in the workplace and in life in general.

Character is forged under difficulty

The key character traits of grit, self-control and conscientiousness are forged under hardship and duress. This makes our current propensity to over protect and over-indulge kids problematic. When kids continually experience easy success we set them up for failure, because when they finally face up to difficult situations, many lack the capacity to push through the tough times.

Encouraging kids to step out of their comfort zones and take learning and social risks is one of the great challenges for modern parents. It’s critical that we challenge children and young people to attempt activities where failure is a significant option. Overcoming setbacks and pushing through difficulties is how character is formed.

Character is malleable

It’s important to establish in your own mind as a parent, and also in your children’s minds, that character traits such as grit, self-control and conscientiousness can be developed. To this end it’s important that parents steer clear of using absolute language to label behaviour and express views that traits and abilities are fixed. Comments such as ‘You’re no good at math’ become a rule that young people learn to live by, and become default thinking that’s hard to budge.

Make grit part of a family’s brand

Parents can actively promote grit and persistence in kids by making character part of their family’s brand. They can focus on character in conversations. They can share experiences where character paid off for them in their lives. They can discuss how character contributes to excellence and success in everyday life including at work, at school and in the sporting field.

Build proprietary language around character

Parents should reflect on the language and terms they already use and build key phrases and terms around the following key character strengths: grit, self-control, conscientiousness, enthusiasm, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism, and curiosity.

Character becomes the default mechanism

…In the long run conscientiousness serves a young person well when it’s their default because when the stakes are high and they really need to work hard, they will automatically make the right choice. In fact, it will be the only option they see when excellence really matters.”

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Head of Senior Years

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Colour Run

14 September 2017

The Glennie Sports Supporters’ Colour Run to raise funds for the new Sports and Health Centre was a fun filled addition to this year’s Grandparents’ Day program and a colourful way for girls to finish the term.

Girls scrambled over, under and through obstacles designed to slow them down and make them the target of a thorough colour bombing and the theory worked. These obstacles were kindly sponsored by Glennie businesses and we thank them all for their support. When the girls weren’t running the course, they enjoyed a dance party and the photo booth.

Congratulations to co-ordinator Mrs Karen Reeves, assisted by Jane Heidrich, Julie Meyer on a spectacular event.  An extra thank you to all the staff and volunteers who were on hand to make sure the event ran smoothly on the day.

Toowoomba Trophy Centre donated the trophies for the top three fundraisers. Tanvi Chand raised the most fund followed closely by Indi-Anna Wolfe. Layla Stevenson came third.

All girls who chose to raise funds for the day will be rewarded with prizes based on the value of the funds raised.

Here are just a few of the literally thousands of photos taken on the day. More photos will be available in the first edition of eNews for Term 4

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Grandparents’ Day and GOGA Ballgames

14 September 2017

It was an action-packed day for Middle and Senior Years grandparents today when they joined their granddaughters for Grandparents’ Day. Grandparents arrived earlier than in the past as there was so much to squeeze into one day. The Year 7 and 8 girls proudly displayed their Science experiments and research work at the Science Fair. Special guest, USQ Lecturer Dr Carolyn Brown was our guest speaker and she awarded the prizes. The Year 9 grandparents enjoyed a digital presentation and performance in Manning Theatre and Senior Years grandparents attended lessons.

After a quick morning tea complete with entertainment by the Performing Arts girls, the grandparents settled down to watch the Ballgames Carnival on the oval. Congratulations to Tufnell who won the games. Some of our grandparents got involved to compete in the Grandparents’ Cup. Congratulations to Donaldson for winning the Grandparents Cup. The trophies were proudly presented by Glennie Old Girl mrs Melanie Reiman.

After all that activity it was time for a picnic lunch in the Centenary Gardens with yet more entertainment by the Performing Arts students.

Some grandparents went home after lunch and some stayed to watch all the fun of the Colour Run that was held by the Glennie Sports Supporters to raise funds for the new Sport and Health Centre.

Thank you to all the grandparents who came to spend the day with their granddaughters. A special thank you goes to Mrs Tracey Kessels for co-ordinating the day and to all the staff who helped in so many ways on the day.

Click here for a gallery of photos

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Boarder Mothers’ Luncheon

13 September 2017

Last Friday's Boarder Mothers' Luncheon was a great success.  Fifty-five boarder mothers enjoyed a delicious luncheon in Mrs Cohen's garden at Brownleigh and all agreed it should become an annual event in the School's calendar. It was a lovely opportunity for boarder mothers to catch up and relax together on a gorgeous spring day.

A number of people helped to make the day a huge success.  Boarder mother Cindy Coggan co-ordinated the day and was assisted by boarder mothers Sarah Parry-Okeden, Belinda Markey, Charise Ladner, Jayne Webster, Michelle Brodie, Gayle McKelvie, Margie Lees, and Margot Black.  

Glennie mum Linda Lester provided the table decorations, Glennie grandmother Joanne Donald provided the beautiful floral centrepieces, Rebecca Grice of Bec's Catering Innovation created the delicious lunch, Glennie girls provided musical entertainment, Glennie hospitality girls assisted with food and beverage service, Mrs Val Lovell and Wendy, from Beauty with Perfection, generously donated the lucky door prizes, and Glennie mum Louise Gall took some fantastic photographs.

Thank you to the Glennie maintenance team who worked hard to set up for the day.

A facebook photo gallery can be found here

Click here to view another photo gallery

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Good Luck Glennie Equestrian Girls

13 September 2017

In the upcoming holidays, two Glennie Equestrians will represent the state twice; in the Pony Club National Championships being held in the first week and in the National Interschool Equestrian Championships in the second week. Both Championships are being held at the Toowoomba Showgrounds.

Imogen Taylor (Dressage), Sarah Coggan (Dressage) and Grace Muirhead (Showjumping) will represent Queensland in the first week at the Pony Club National Championships. Both Sarah Coggan (Dressage) and Grace Muirhead (Showjumping) will then join with Piper Wise (Dressage), Rebecca Roellgen (Combined Training) and Ellie Reedy (Eventing) in the second week of the holidays, representing Queensland at the National Interschool Equestrian Championships.

A huge congratulations goes to Ellie Reedy who has also been named Queensland Vice-Captain for Combined Training which is a great achievement, considering she is only in Year 11.

Good luck, girls!

Contributed by Miss Jacky Redman

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Junior readers triumphant

13 September 2017

The battle for domination in the Junior Years Readers Cup was very fierce this year, with two Year 5 and two Year 6 teams reaching the Final. Year 5 girls were victorious!  Congratulations to The Infinity Five - Sophie Giesemann, Mia Nolan, Dulini Dewage, Charlotte Irwin and Scarlett Martin (pictured).  

We are grateful to The Glennie Parents and Friends’ Association for supporting our annual Readers Cup with trophies, medallions, and prizes.

Contributed by Mrs Marie Miegel

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Defensive Driving

13 September 2017

Last Saturday, after students finished exams, a group of our Year 11 and 12 students took part in a defensive driver training course, with Safe Drive Training at Willowbank Raceway, Ipswich. It was a particularly chilly start to the day but soon warmed up with the revving of engines!

We are very grateful to the Glennie Parents and Friends’ Association who heavily subsidised the cost of the course for the students. The experience was extremely worthwhile and the students, as well as enjoying themselves thoroughly, learned how to protect themselves on the road with ‘hands on’ practice in a range of vehicles. The program’s objectives focus specifically on overconfidence, risk-taking, inexperience and peer influence and students received a certificate of participation. The Glennie School has a commitment to maximising road safety skills for our young drivers.

Contributed by Mrs Nat Bennett

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Magic Lego Challenge

13 September 2017

One of our Library Lunchtime activities was the Magic Lego Challenge.  The groups were given one week to build an adventure for Wendy and write a story about it.  

This week the 'real Wendy' presented prizes to Isabelle Morrissey, Hannah Tucker and Tillie Nixon (Holly Smith absent) for their winning creations.  (pictured with Mrs Wendy Evans)

Contributed by Mrs Marie Miegel

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Circus Soiree Family Fundraiser

13 September 2017

A huge thank you to all of the Year 6 families for their effort in creating a fantastic, fun-filled event on Saturday evening for the Junior Years families. Thank you also to all of the families who supported this event. All funds raised will be going towards Junior Years’ projects, in particular, the new entrance to the Junior Years. This will provide added security and safety for the girls, as well as an aesthetically pleasing entrance.

Click here for a photo gallery 

Contributed by Mr Steve Warren

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Dad’s Day at Kindy

13 September 2017

Our Glennie Dads were invited to come and play at Kindy on Monday and Tuesday. After some singing and a story, Kindy Owls made paper planes and flew them outside while the Bilbies attempted to ‘fly’ rocket balloons. We did some woodwork, easel painting, spray painting and some building with our big foam blocks and waffle blocks. 

The Owls then tested Dads’ skills by having a sandcastle building competition.  This brought out some competitiveness and we had to stop a few Dads from sneaking down to Bunnings for ‘supplies’. 

We ended our day with dancing and Letterland. The children had baked quiche for their dads using our own chickens’ eggs. We had a lovely morning tea before farewelling our dads who reluctantly returned to work.

Thank you, Dads, for coming.  It was so much fun showing you what we do at Kindy.

Click here for the photo gallery

Contributed by Mrs Katrina Wood


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Lichen Smoothie

13 September 2017

This week, to complete our unit on Biological perspectives, and classification, Class 7C undertook the study of photosynthesis in more detail. We learned how the process of photosynthesis, where plants use their green pigment in the presence of sunlight to make their food, and create oxygen as a waste product in doing so. The waste product of oxygen is the gas we need to survive, and we, in turn, provide the carbon dioxide for green plants to use to begin the process of photosynthesis.

Lichen is an organism that is formed through a symbiotic relationship between a fungi (Fungi Kingdom) and an algae (Protist Kingdom). The algae uses the fungi to help maintain moisture and the fungi uses the algae for its green pigment (chlorophyll) so it can photosynthesise.

By painting the trees with the lichen smoothie, we can help this organism grow in many areas and in turn help to make our environment healthier.

Click here for a photo gallery

Contributed by Mrs Jennifer McPhie

Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis has heard all about this great project, he might even post a photo or two on his Facebook page.

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13 September 2017

Glennie Chess players have had a busy year so far, the following is a summary of Glennie’s 2017 chess tournament achievements:

Individual Tournament (Primary)

  • Rheanca Lincoln – best female and 4th overall
  • 4 Glennie girls in top 100

IPSHA Tournament (Primary)

  • 2nd overall

Individual Invitational (Primary)

  • Rheanca Lincoln 5th overall
  • 4 Glennie girls in top 50

Teams Tournament (Primary)

  • #1 team 5th overall a
  • #2 team were unfortunately disadvantaged by an error in the entry of results – they will receive trophies from organisers to make up for their mistake . . .  this team deserved Best All Female Team award (#1 team received medallions for 5th and therefore do not also receive other awards)

Teams Tournament (Secondary)

  • Best All Female Team and 4th overall

Our #1 Primary School Chess Team was the most successful all girl team at the local Teams Tournament and will be representing Glennie at the State Finals in October.

Pictured is our Secondary Team

Contributed by Mr Ted Carter


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Did you spot Bennie the Bee on Sunrise today?

13 September 2017

It was a beautiful morning to watch the sun rise with Sunrise. Did you spot Bennie the Bee and boarders Lucy, Bella and Abby this morning for the live broadcast of Sunrise weather in Laurel Bank Park?  Fabulous to see so many proud Toowoomba locals gather in the park. As you would imagine, a Bee walking in the park attracted quite a bit of attention with photo requests from Old Girls, children and guests in attendance.

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Eye Spy Glennie in the Media

13 September 2017

Did you spot these stories in the Media?

If you spot a story about a current Glennie girl or Glennie Old Girl in the media, we would appreciate your sharing of the story with us. Kindly forward the story via email to development@glennie.qld.edu.au.


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This Week in Boarding

13 September 2017

The last Friday of term saw a group of boarder mothers and boarding staff meet in Mrs Cohen's garden for a lovely lunch. On a sunny day, it was good to be outside and have some time to socialise with one another, in addition to catching up with old friends. Hopefully, this luncheon will be an annual event, and a new tradition to look forward to.

Monday night of this last week of term was an evening of boarding frivolity with Lucy Geddes, Bella Joseland and our energetic Boarding Committee organising a display of Boarding talent.

Amelia Arthur effectively played the superficial, over the top and self-absorbed MC and three other senior boarders the slightly "catty" and superficial judges. Simon Cowell became Simone Cow. The judges were predictably limited, boring and critical in their responses to the acts. There was considerable talent on show and many surprises in terms of the variety.

Boarders, accompanied by Glennie staff, travelled to Toowoomba Grammar School to watch the Grammar/Downlands Rugby match between TGS and Downlands and boarders were accompanied by staff to the main match.

Term 3 is usually plagued by colds and flu. We have managed well in spite of some illness and we continue to encourage members of our boarding community to have annual influenza immunisations.

Click here for a photo gallery

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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13 September 2017

During the September holidays 13 students have been selected to take part in the State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP) at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane. Whilst Glennie hosted the Darling Downs SHEP program in May, this program in the holidays is the Statewide program, catering for the further advanced musician.  

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to attend (or are on the reserve list): Emily Baartz, Isabel Bracey, Lucinda Brodie, Peppa Carter, Celine Dixon, Georgina Dummett, Gabrielle Kleidon, Sarah Lamshed, Lauren Lester, Jessica Page, Emily Rattray, Kristen Teo and Grace Twidale.

Contributed by Mrs Sharon Gilbert

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Ballet Workshop

13 September 2017

Junior Years dance students from Kindergarten to Year 2 were treated to an engaging workshop by Martha from the Queensland Ballet Edsquad. The students assisted Martha in creating their own choreography for the enchanting story Little Red Riding Hood. Thank you to the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation for sponsoring this wonderful opportunity.

Please note all workshop participants are entitled to heavily reduced tickets for the Queensland Ballet's performances of La Fille Mal Gardée this Friday and Saturday night at the Empire Theatre. Please email Janene Mills millsj@glennie.qld.edu.au for more details.

Click here for the photo gallery

Contributed by Janene Mills

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13 September 2017

Girls in Years 7 to 12 are invited to participate in the Girls Heat League, an initiative of Queensland Cricket. If your daughter would like to play please complete the registration form found here.

Further information can be downloaded below.  Registrations will close on Friday, September 22.

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Hockey Correction

13 September 2017

Our Hockey story last week stated that Red Lions was the winning team of the Under 13 Girls competition. It was, in fact, Newtown that won the final and Olivia Bourke was on the winning team.

Well done, Olivia!

While it is always great to receive emails from parents regarding Glennie girls’ involvement in club team outside the Club G competition, it is difficult for us to check that all the facts are correct and we trust that all girls have been included.

Tina Tilden, eNews Editor


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Holiday Athletics Training

13 September 2017

Training for our Glennie athletes doesn’t finish just because school does. Our girls will be busy training as usual during the holidays.

Mr Franke - All sessions at O'Quinn Street

  • Sprints and Middle Distance - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:30 - 5:00pm
  • Long and Triple Jump - Tuesday from 3:30 - 5:00pm

Mr Davies - All sessions at Queen Park (meet at Godsall St Car Park)

  • General Athletics Training - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6:30 am
  • General Athletics Training - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3:30 pm

Please note Mr Davies will not be training on Friday, September 15.


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Vacation Care

13 September 2017

The September Holidays vacation care program is available now. Please download the information below. Make sure you complete yours very soon because places fill up fast. Vacation care is open to all children from Prep to Year 6, not just Glennie girls.

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Uniform Check

13 September 2017

Parents are reminded that girls change to summer uniform on the first day of Term 4. Please check before the end of term that your daughter’s uniform still fits, is not too tight and is below the knees.  

GOSS holiday opening hours are:

  • 18 to 22 September CLOSED
  • 25 to 29 September OPEN 8.30am – 4.30pm  
  • 30 September CLOSED   
  • 2 October CLOSED  
  • 3 October OPEN
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Gym/Swim Dates to remember

13 September 2017

  • Learn to Swim Term 3 finishes Friday 15 September.
  • Learn to Swim Term 4 starts Tuesday 3 October - book now to secure a place
  • Spring Holiday Spring Swimming Accelerator.  25 - 29 September.  $100.  Spaces filling fast!
  • Development, Fitness & Senior squads continue as per regular timetable during holidays.
  • Term 3 Recreational Gymnastics programs finish Thursday 14 September
  • Term 4 Recreational Gymnastics programs start Thursday 5 October - book now to secure your place.

Call 07 4688 8845

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Mango Fundraiser

13 September 2017

It’s on again. The very popular Pitstop Outside School Hours Care mango fundraiser is on again.

Please download all the information below including order and payment forms.

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