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Transforming Lives

transforming-lives-science-centre-wThe Glennie School Foundation Limited set a target to raise $1.2million to assist the School fund the Sue Edwards Science Centre approximately costing $4.5 million and the Indoor Sports Centre (2017-18), approximately costing $5 million.

Transforming Lives is about empowering Glennie girls to make their mark in the fields of Science, Engineering, Research and Development as well as in Sports, fitness and physical wellbeing.

goldThe New Science Centre

The fundraising goal is to raise $600,000 for the new Science Centre. To this end, The Glennie School Foundation is pleased to extend the opportunity for prospective donors to make a philanthropic contribution to the Glennie School Foundation building fund

The Foundation is also very excited to present the Periodic Table of Elements Honour Board project as a way in which members of the Glennie community and other donors can contribute to the Campaign.

The Donor Honour Board is displayed in the new Sue Edwards Science Centre. Our girls take great pleasure in finding their name on the Honour Board. With the purchase of an Element, your chosen details will be inscribed on the element of your choice. The inscription can be your family name, daughter’s name/s, or other wording you may request and subject to confirmation by the Glennie School Foundation.

For fundraising purposes, each Element has been valued at $2,000 each with the exception of Platinum for $10,000.

There are a variety of payment options to suit every budget from a lump sum payment to a pledge up to five years. 

Should you wish to consider a more substantial contribution to the Campaign for Transforming Lives, there are other opportunities to have your name permanently recognised in other areas of the new Science Centre.