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We Value

valuesThe Christian faith: Grounded in the Anglican Church, the Christian faith is at the heart of our culture.

Our heritage: We value and celebrate our past, including our Old Girls, and teach our present girls the history of the School.

Community: We value engagement with and participation in School life, the wider community, and the world.

Friendships: Our culture is centred on the development of genuine and lasting friendships.

Respect and understanding: All members of the Glennie community are treated with respect and understanding and treat each other the same way.

Achievement: We value success, achievement and excellence as individuals and as a team.

Endeavour: We encourage every girl to try her best, regardless of her level of ability, and we expect girls to persevere in the face of difficulty.

Quality: We provide a high-quality education and we expect the girls not to settle for second-best in any area.

Participation: We expect every Glennie girl to participate effectively in School life.

Opportunity: We provide a wide range of opportunities, now and for the future.

Balance: We value a state of balance in the lives of students and staff, with enough time for rest, recreation, family and social activity as well as work.

Innovation: We strive to remain at the leading edge of educational “best practice.”

Environmental sustainability: We seek ways to improve our stewardship of resources and facilities and include environmental education in our curriculum.